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Self Defense And Anti Theft Products For Security Sake


There has always been a need for security and self defense products for personal, business, and family safety. Today, you can't walk from a store to your car without the threat of being attacked. Home doors and children’s bedroom windows must be kept locked and alarmed to do away with the constant worry about home invasion, assault, burglary, or kidnapping. The fun at parties has the common threat of date rape, theft of personal property, or a drive by shooting to go with it. Walking at night from a collage class to a dorm room requires planning and practice on what to do if you are assaulted or raped. While driving, you must stop at stoplights, but there is a chance of being car jacked and if you have an accident, the other driver can snap into road rage.


The FBI Crime Clock shows the number of reported crimes. The stats take a year to collect and do not reflect the large number of un-reported crimes. Even though, the information shows that crime happens more often then you might think.



During my four decade law enforcement career, I saw the result of all types of crime and how it affected victims and their families. When I retired, my desire to help people be more secure did not diminish. This website is the result of that desire. 


The economy, while improving, is still in the dump. Layoffs of police officers and sheriff deputies continue in many cities and counties struggling to stay afloat. Today you have the ability and greater need to carry self protection products, home alarms and have surveillance cameras for you and your family's safety and security.   


For Security Sake brings you a large selection of the world's best Home Security, Personal Protection and Anti Theft Products. There are many different types to choose from and you can browse our site, without pressure, for as long and as often as you like. When you are ready to purchase, feel confident of buyer protection. We offer PayPal to give you an added layer of purchase protection and you don't need a PayPal account to pay by credit card. 


Our blog has current stories and information relating to our products, criminal scams, stupid crooks, and other related useful information. You may say it will never happen to me, but the odds are good that you and your family will be a victim of a crime. It happened to my family and me a number of times and you just never know what; when; where; why; or how it will happen.


It is smart to be prepared to protect yourself and your family at all times. Since our products are non-lethal, they will not likely cause hesitation of use like a gun can. There is no remorse when a person recovers from the aftermath of a Stun Gun Shock, or Pepper Spray. 


While visiting our site, please join our family and friends by choosing to read our Newsletter. It is easy to join and we only ask for your email address. We will send you email safety reports; product and dumb crook stories; scam alerts; and much more. The letter is free and we respect your privacy. (Privacy policy) 


We are adding new products.  Please be sure to book mark our site and check back as often as you like. 


Please feel welcome to spend time with us and be careful, prepared, and safe out there.


  FBI Crime Clock Statistics 2016 and 2017