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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Airsofts Are Realistic

    Airsofts, or Airsoft Guns are styled after some of the world's most famous firearms. These Air Powered guns are true to scale and easy to operate. They shoot plastic BBs at velocities between 100 and 600 feet per second, using compressed gas or spring driven air. They are great fun and are growing in popularity.

    Airsoft also refers to a sport where the Airsofts are used in competitive games. Police Training, target shooting, and simulations are some common uses. They are considered safe when used in a controlled environment and with safety equipment like protective eye-wear.

    Last year, I watched several campers put on a Airsoft target shooting competition for their kids. It was fun to watch and when the kids were done, the parents took over. They were having so much fun, when they ran out of plastic BBs, they policed them all (Cleaned them up) and reused them.

    But please use them with caution. Airsofts look real and they can be viewed as real.

    Last week three teenagers from Stockton, California began walking their neighborhood with Airsofts out in the open. A few of the neighbors mistook the guns to be real and called the police.

    There is a large gang problem in Stockton and most are teenagers, so it was no surprise that the police responded quickly and with back up. When they arrived on scene they found two teenagers pointing their Airsoft guns at a house. They were in the process of talking these teenagers into dropping their guns when a third teenager stormed from the house with an Airsoft gun in each hand.

    Lucky for the teenager, he immediately saw the police and dropped the Airsofts from his hands when they commanded him to.

    Neighbor witnesses to the incident noted that this could have been a tragedy, if not for the professionalism of the police and the quick compliance of the teenagers.

    Please have fun with your Airsofts, but remember to be safe out there!

  • Diversion Safes


    Various Diversion Safes Colage Various Diversion Safes Collage


    Diversion safes, also known as concealment devices, have been in use for a long time and have proved to be one of the most reliable ways of storing important items. As far back as the Civil and First World War, soldiers are said to have hidden important items such as navigation maps and secret codes in cans, jars, and rifle ammunition. Some of those hidden items are still being found today. Over time, diversion safes have become more common. Even though the diversion safe is often kept in plain sight, the fact that it is designed like ordinary looking items makes it more difficult to identify.

    A diversion safe can be made from anything. One of the most common designs is the classic book diversion safeOpen Book Showing Safe 1 In this instance, the safe looks like an ordinary book. However, the diversionary purpose of the book becomes clear when the book opened showing the hollowed center where important documents and valuables can be stored. Unless they are intimately privy to the goings on in your house, it is highly unlikely that an intruder will start to go through your shelf of books to find out which book is a diversion safe.A couple of examples of diversion safes that look like an ordinary products

    Product Cans can also be used as diversion safes. A can diversion safe is simply a can or a jar made to look like a food can, drink can, body care cosmetics cans, cleaning product can or any other common place product usually packed in a can. As with any diversion safe, both design and location plays an important part in successful concealment. The more regular a can diversion safe looks and is located, the harder it is for anyone to suspect that the can serves an out-of-the ordinary purpose.

    Installing a dummy safe, or using a jewelry box is also a very effective way of having or complementing a diversion safe.  The safe or Jewelry box is placed at a conspicuous place with items of no real value placed on the inside. For instance, you could go to a cheap jewelry store and buy some low quality and low value beaded necklaces and place them inside.

    An intruder finding these dummy items might think this might have some sentimental value for you and either decide to pick the jewelry or leave it. Either way, there will be no loss for you.

    There are many other alternatives to installing a hidden safe. Among these options is placing the hidden diversion safe behind wall paintings or having a fake electrical outlet that has a hidden safe inside.

    Irrespective of the kind of safe, diversion safes have become very common as they are seen as being much safer than other conventional safes.

    See our selection of Diversion Safes here.

  • Home Alarm Systems Are They Still Worth it?

    in 1968 when I started in police work, all alarms, including homes, came directly into the police department. Dispatchers were required to silence the alarm in the dispatch center, look up responsible owners, call those owners, and dispatch police units to the calls. Police officers dispatched, would wait for an owner and search the home before leaving the scene.

    Over time this was no longer an effective use of dispatcher time and alarms were  not allowed to go directly to the police department.  Instead if customers wanted the police to be notified when their alarm was triggered, they were required to go through private security company monitors, who then called the police department. Police officers responding would still wait for an owner, or responsible person to arrive before they left the scene.

    Those home owners that chose un-monitored alarms would rely on the noise scaring away burglars when alarms went off. The alarm would then reset after a set amount of time.  Those rang again if the sensor causing the trigger was still activated, causing fed up neighbors to call the police when they got tired ringing or siren.

    As populations grew and there were more alarms out there, the number of false alarms increased. Police Agencies began to charge false alarm fees, which caused private security monitors to call the residence for confirmation. If there was no answer, or a person answered the phone without the correct code, the police department would be called. Responding officers checked for evidence of break-in or checked the identity of persons present before leaving to other calls.

    Today, because of budget cuts, many police departments will not respond to burglar alarms, unless there is some type of confirmation that the call for service  is not a false alarm.

    Alarm Monitor companies still call the alarm residence or the cell phone of the person responsible for the property.  If there is an answer and the person answering the phone does not have the alarm code, the police will be called. If there is no answer, the companies will still call the police to show they did their job. Will the police respond? It will depend on the call information and the policy of the police department,

    Some companies can monitor sound in the residence if an alarm is tripped. They can tell there is a problem, by listening in, and they can forward updated information to the police while they are responding. These companies will continue to monitor sound until the property is secured by the police department.

    The problem I see happening, is that even if the police respond, the time between the alarm sounding and the police being notified is growing. It can take minutes to confirm an alarm, causing a long delay for police response.

     As an example: I arrived one time to a burglary call within 30 seconds of being dispatched. I soon realized the call took a while to be forwarded to me.  The front door of the property had been smashed in, a number of video recorders and televisions had been taken, and the crooks were nowhere to be seen. 

    So is it still worth having an alarm system installed in your home?

    I believe that they are worth the cost and you don't necessarily need to pay a monthly fee for it. There are inexpensive systems out there now, like the HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System that include phone dialers. And with use of cell phones, it just may be the way to go, because your alarm system can now call you.


     When the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered, the system sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit.  The base unit dials the first telephone number of your programmed list.  The person answering the call will hear a prerecorded alert message and they will have the option to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice through the base unit, or disarm the system.  If there is no answer, or if the person doesn’t disarm the system, it will dial the next number on your programmed list.

    Most police departments still don't allow phone dialer calls to go directly to them,  but the neat thing about this is that you can have the system call your cell phone, a trusted neighbor, or up to 5 total phone numbers.

    In the case of a neighbor; they could listen in or even look out their window at your home.  They might even be able to get a license plate number for the police. That information would alert the officer to look for the suspect vehicle as he/she responds.

    In the case of system calling your cell phone; in addition to illegal entry protection, you could have a live in mother, or teenager living at home and alone if your not there. The included panic button remote control has the ability to be attached to a keyring or lanyard necklace.  If family at home needs help from a fall or other emergency, the panic button can be pressed to sound the alarm and start the phone dialer. When activated you could be the first number dialed. You could listen in and even broadcast your voice into the room where the keypad is located. If needed you could call for emergency assistance and have them en-route as fast as possible.

    You can have greater piece of mind knowing that your family and propertry is protected!

    Be safe and secure out there, because there are people waiting to rip you off, or even attack you. We at www.ForSecuritySake.com dedicate this site to helping you protect yourself, your family and property from these people.

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