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Affordable Home Alarms

  • Outdoor & Indoor Wireless Simple To Use Alarm System

    Would you set up an inexpensive alarm system if you knew it was simple to install and use?

    I belong to our local Neighborhood Watch groups and it never fails to amaze me how many property incidents are reported by furious people, some who are victims more than once. These crimes include garages; sheds; cars; trailers; homes; and yards.

    Un-fortunately, the police usually can’t get to a crime in progress soon enough to catch a theft suspect in the act. This results in the damage and loss of your property, along with the feelings of invasion, rage, and loss of the security.

    Some property owners and their neighbors have cameras that are good at helping identify the suspect(s) after the crimes have been committed, but almost all of them do not have, or use alarms to help protect their property before it is stolen.

    It is a fact that if a suspect knows that the property they are considering stealing from has alarm protection, they will leave and look for an easier target.

    We wanted to do something to help people protect their property by offering an inexpensive product that is very simple to install and use. We combined  our wireless siren with flashing light, remote control, and adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor to make a simple system that anyone can use to help scare away intruders before they steal your things .

    This Wireless Outdoor Siren with Flashing Light, Remote Control, and Adjustable Outdoor Motion Sensor does not need a keypad to code and there is no monthly monitoring charge. Just do a simple initial one-time match of the three products, install the siren near an outdoor AC outlet, and install, or place the long-lasting battery operated indoor/outdoor motion sensor where you want protection. Use the remote control to arm, disarm, or set off a panic siren. Get More Information and/or Purchase by clicking here.

    You can protect more than one area up to 300 feet away from the siren by adding more sensors. You can add up to 7 of three types of sensors to each siren. The Adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor, the indoor motion sensor, and the door/window/vibration sensor. Check them out here.

    You can even add more than one remote control and/or siren with the same sensors. All you have to do is match the same remote control(s) and sensor(s) to the siren(s). Just be sure that additional sirens are armed. (The average reach distance from the remote control to the siren ( is 60 feet.) Check out the entire product page here.

    Here are some property protection ideas that our customers have used these products for:
    • Shed: By using a motion sensor pointed at the shed door, and inside the shed.
    • Garage: By using a motion sensor inside the garage.
    • Carport: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area from under the roof eve.
    • Driveway: By pointing an adjustable motion sensor across an entrance gate.
    • Barn: By placing a door sensor magnetics at the entrance and a motion sensor in an inside office.
    • Window: By using the magnetics part of the door sensor on the window and window frame that will sound with vibration, or if opened.
    • Car: By placing an adjustable motion sensor inside.
    • Toolbox: By placing a motion sensor inside.
    • Garden: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area of the garden.

    What are you going to use your system for?

    Have questions? Leave us a comment or send an email to questions@ForSecuritySake.com

  • The Ring Doorbell and Chime Review

    The Ring Door Bell is a Hardware / Software system that adds or replaces your doorbell button. It requires your home or business Wi-Fi to use, record and playback recorded video. It has a high quality video camera with sound, that catches and *records anyone that comes to your front door. The sound is high quality two way and with a free Android/IPhone downloadable App, it allows you to talk to your guest wherever you’re at in the country.


    Our mission at ForSecuritySake is to provide products and information to help people be safer and more secure in their daily lives. Although as of this writing we do not sell this product, it falls within our mission and we feel that it needs to be brought to our customer’s attention.


    We have been testing the Ring Doorbell and Chime for a while now and for a product about $200.00, it has many of the hardware and software features of higher priced recording systems.


    We found a great deal that combined the Ring Doorbell with the Ring Chime; which is a receiver that can be plugged into any home power socket and emits a chime sound whenever the Doorbell is activated.



    The Ring Doorbell has a professional look and feel and came with a one piece built in camera; sound circuitry; and rechargeable battery. There was a metal mounting plate that must be used to securely attach the system to your wall. The mounting plate has screw terminals that you can connect your current doorbell power to. If you want to mount the plate where there is no power, that’s ok because the system has a built in rechargeable battery that will power it; more on that later.


    The chime is a simple one piece plastic box that plugs into any USA 120volt power plug. Setup on the chime must be done via the free phone apps mentioned above and below. There are no adjustment controls on the hardware.



    Free Apps are available for IPhone and Android. The apps can be used to see battery condition, or hardwired in this case; match the doorbell and chime to your WI-FI; set the sensitivity; set motion alert zones; alert you to a doorbell ring or motion in the covered area; Allow you to talk and listen to guests at your door; *playback, share and download recordings of any alert; and something new that came out while testing -(Live View)- for hard wired installations. Per the company, Live View will be released for battery operated installations soon.


    Testing Results:.


    The test installation is hardwired, meaning we used the old doorbell power to run the new Ring doorbell. Our test results are based on this, so we can’t give you an estimate on how long the battery lasts in non-battery installations yet.



    was smooth, but we have a lot of experience setting systems up. But if you get stuck, Ring Support and video help is only a click away. After you download your app, Android or IPhone, you can add your device and name your doorbell location; set how sensitive the motion detection is; set active zones for motion detection; and more. You can also set up your chime location; match it to your doorbell; choose if the chime will ring on doorbell, motion detection , or both; and set the chime volume.



    If you need help with installation, use your internet browser to go to ring.com . You can view video help on installation, contact support, and create an account. When you create an account, *you can use a windows PC to playback, download and share recordings from your doorbell.


    We only had to contact support one time via email and response was quick and solved my problem.


    The camera:

    has excellent color and quality. The wide-angle lens gives a fisheye effect and sees wall to wall.  The camera faces south from this test covered porch area and as a result there is some backlighting from the direct sun. However the camera does well and shuts down to concentrate on the correct lighting for a person at the door. At night when the lights go out, there is black and white infrared coverage and since we have other cameras with infrared  lights in the area, the system uses that light to enhance the view.


    The Sound:

    is great both ways, however be careful not to have your phone or other device too close to the doorbell while talking or you will get feedback. You can have the sound off, listen without talking, or have a conversation with whoever is at the door from anywhere in the country when you have at least two bars of 4g cell service.



    service with the doorbell and the chime depends on Wi-Fi speeds and connection strength. You should be as close to your Wi-Fi router or range extender as possible, because the stronger the signal, the better the service connection times. Ring activation notifications are via the internet and as with all motion detection recorders, there is a delay between live detection and recording. This may only be 4 seconds, but if you can get it lower, it could be the difference between seeing a face, or a back.



    With the purchase of the Ring Doorbell we received a cloud recording thirty day free trial. Each recording we played back was over a minute long. After the trial the cost for cloud recording is $30.00 a year per device (In case you want two doorbells or other Ring hardware). Considering what is recorded and the space required on a hard drive, this is a bargain to me. The recordings are stored in the Ring Cloud for a long time, but they will eventually go away. Anything you want to permanently keep should be downloaded to your computer. And if you have a recording you no longer want you can delete it from the list with your app.


    To our eyes, we could not detect any difference to live view and recordings when played back. There is a recording timeout and it will stop recording a NON-answered activation after a minute or so. The only improvements we would want are for the system to continue recording until motion goes away and for the motion recording to start sooner.  As an example as a way to start recording sooner; police in car systems that record video have the ability to go back and record 30 seconds of video prior to the actual activation of the recorder. The is achieved by loop recording on the hardware, but this could add to the cost of the system.


    Live View: .


    The new Live View for hardwired installations is a big plus to the system. Live view allows you to manually open the camera with the same live view as if there is a ring or motion alert. You can keep it open and watch the area until you want to cancel it, or at least I didn’t keep it open long enough for anything to time out or stop working. These are recorded and can be played back, downloaded and shared

    Remote use of the software when there is no Wi-Fi:

    works well with our AT&T connection, as long as cell service has two strength bars of 4g. We used it a number of times while away and it was fun to catch sales people and guests at the door and talk with them without them knowing we weren’t at the home.


    The Chime:

    is separate piece of hardware that can be used to alert you that there is an alert or motion detection when your phone or other app is not available. Since my Ring Doorbell is hardwired to my old doorbell power wiring, it rings my old doorbell in the house when the button is pushed, but not motion detection. The chime also can be used to announce motion detection only in my case.




    are that this is a very worthwhile addition to any home or business security. Purchasing over the internet is on the rise and unless a signature is required for the shipment the delivery service will leave packages on the porch or other area near the door. So along with that the theft of packages from deliveries is also on the rise. According to the FBI Crime Clock there was a reported property crime every 3.8 seconds and a burglary every 18.2 seconds in the United States for 2014. This Ring Phone system is fast enough to alert you to a visitor or to confirm a theft while it is still in progress (a requirement for some agencies before they will respond to an alarm call). And a phone call to the police while watching the suspects can give the police a better chance of catching the suspect(s) before they get away. The Ring Doorbell gives more piece of mind and is a great addition to any security you may have.

    You can find our professional Surveillance systems to work along side the Ring Doorbell by clicking here.


    Click About Us for information about ForSecuritySake.

  • What Is This Electronic Barking WatchDog Alarm?

    Updated 10-24-2016.

    It is known that in most cases, crooks are looking for an easy target to break into. Having a large dog in the home takes that ease away from a thief and he is likely to look elsewhere for an easier home or office to break into. Using an electronic version of a dog barking gives you the protection without having to care for a real dog.

    I retired from our local police department in 2009 and I decided to continue to help people live safer and more secure lives. I wanted to do this by using information and selling affordable products on the internet.

    While I was searching I saw adds for Electronic Barking Dog Alarms and I wondered what they were and how they worked. I researched what the barking watchdog alarm was all about and checked for the best for my product list.

    I found a number of electronic barking watchdog alarms for people that don't want the worry of caring for a live dog.  I researched different types of barking alarms and ultimately chose what is the best option for home and office security.

    To back up a little; there are a number of barking alarms on the market, including a type that hangs on a door knob and senses when the knob is touched.  The door knob must be metal and not all knobs are the type you can easily hang the product on. Another type attaches to a door brace and barks if the door is shaken or pushed. Others are similar to the unit I found to be the best, however none of these featured a remote control and you can't add sensors to the expand their function.

    In 2010, I found that the best barking dog alarm is made under the brand name of HomeSafe and in Late 2013, this same identical unit became available under the brand name of StreetWise and later another brand of SafeFamilyLife. These professional units use microwave radar technology to see through a wood; glass; brick; plastic; and more. They are designed to be placed inside a building and have a five inch speaker with enough wattage to sound like a real dog from outside. It is real enough that Animal Control officers have been known to come to an owner's  home to ask if their dog had a license. No license is needed for this electronic dog.

    These alarms can not see through metal, but the alarm can be placed at an angle around the metal. Add on sensors can also be used to get around any metal that could block the microwave sensor in the main unit. Some can sense movement before the protected area is even reached. Settings on the main unit include barking, chime, or siren and arming the alarm can be done on the main unit, or with an included remote control.

    Additional remote controls and sensors are a unique feature that I found only on the HomeSafe SafeFamilyLife and StreetWise units. These main units can be expanded by adding HomeSafe wireless remote controls, movement sensors, and door/vibration sensors. The door sensor can even be expanded to windows and has its own switchable small siren. A mix of up to sixteen of these sensors and/or remote controls can be added to these three brands of Barking Dog Alarms.

    These sensors can be added wirelessly to rooms outside the detection area of the main barking dog alarm unit and the adjustable motion sensor can be mounted outside at a considerable distance from the main unit. They are matched to the barking dog alarm to make a complete closed system of protection. Even if your door or wall is made of metal, these sensors can be used to get around that problem.

    We use our system to announce that someone is near our door even if we are at home. This lets the outsider know that there is protection inside and that we have been alerted.

    Each of these units include a remote control. This allows you to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere within 20 to 60 feet or more of the main unit. There is also a panic button on this remote control. When pushed the alarm goes into a siren alarm.

    These are great barking dog units and there is no walking, extra cost for feeding, or cleanup involved.

    Find your system (click) here today and it can help you be safer in your every day life.







  • The Electronic Family Guard Dog

    ForSecuritySake Barking Dog Alarm With Dog brushed

    Updated 05-23-17

    I was watching a situation comedy the other night that reminded me of how violated people feel when they have been the victim of a home Burglary. I thought about the Electronic Family Guard Dog alarm and how thousands of people are using it now to protect their property.

    During the TV episode, the character’s apartment was burglarized. All his electronic equipment, compact music discs and movies were stolen. Not only did he loose his property, he felt much violated and even though he did not live alone, he developed a fear that he was no longer safe in his apartment.

    He added extra door locks and an elaborate alarm system, but when he began hearing noises, even the extra security didn't help him feel safe. He decided that the city he lived in was unsafe, so he decided to find a better place to live.

    He researched the entire United States and found a small town with the lowest crime rate. He packed up his belongings and traveled to the new town. When he arrived, he was greeted by a young man who offered to help him with his bags. When he gave the bags to the helpful young man, he ran away with his bags.

    This episode was fiction, but the point is that crime happens everywhere. You can’t move away from it.

    Many victims I have spoken with over my Law Enforcement career had one thing in common. They all felt violated because their castle, the one place they felt safe, had been broken into.

    The property was usually insured, but the suspects were never seen, so the victims now didn't know who to trust, or if the suspect(s) would come back for something missed.

    While people rarely move away because of a break in, they do take action and change locks, add security systems, and video cameras. This helps bring peace of mind, knowing you would be protected if there is another break in. But to ready, you need to be proactive and prepare for the probability that someday, your house will be chosen to see how easy it will be to break into.

    There are many ways to protect your property, but for the rest of this article, I want to talk about the one I mentioned above.

    The Electronic Family Guard Dog alarm takes Property Protection thinking a little out of the box. Most security systems sound an alarm after a break in has happened. What if your system could stop a Burglary before it happens?

    Having a large indoor family guard dog is a good deterrent for someone thinking about breaking into your house; the idea being that another house will be an easier target than yours. Think about the last time you walked up to a house and were met at the closed door by a large sounding barking dog? If you are like me, and most people, it makes you think that going into that house is not the best idea. But what if you can’t, don’t have the time, or desire to care for a live animal?

    The answer I found is the Electronic Barking Watch Dog Alarm. It gives you that large sounding barking dog without having to actually own a living animal to feed and clean up after.

    The expandable Homesafe SafeFamilyLife Electronic barking dog alarm uses a unique Microwave sensor technology that can see through wood, brick, glass, and most other walls and doors. The only thing I know of that it does not see through is metal.

    How it works:

    The main unit is placed in an area you want to protect. When motion is detected in the sensor area, the electronic family guard dog alarm will bark. If detection continues, the varied barking dog sounds will continue until motion is no longer detected.

    Up to 16 additional sensors can be placed in the area of, or on doors, windows, or walls to protect other areas of your home. These add on sensors can also help to get around metal that blocks microwave signals. Although these do not see through walls, if entry to the home is made, that large barking dog will sound from the other room.

    From outside the home, it sounds like there is a large barking dog inside the home; enough to make a would be intruder think twice.

    The included remote control can activate, disarm, or set off the barking dog alarm siren with a panic button.

    There are also settings to have the alarm chime or sound like a normal siren alarm.

    The Electronic barking dog alarm is proactive thinking for your personal and home’s protection.

    The Electronic Barking Family Watch Dog Alarm is powered by an included 12 volt adapter and has a battery backup (batteries not included)

    You can find out more about the HomeSafe Barking dog alarm at www.forsecuritysake.com and by clicking here to our sister site regarding the best barking dog alarms.


  • Home Invasion Anti Theft Tips

    ForSecuritySake.comNo matter where you live, how old you are, or how much wealth you have, there are people out there that want to rip you off. As baby boomers retire at younger ages each year, the chance of being at home when a criminal decides to strike are higher then ever before.

    Our last article covered Anti Theft Tips regarding the Cat Burglar. This article will go one step further and cover Home Invasion. Home Invasion is different from Burglary.

    The Cat Burglar wants to get into your home, commit a theft, and leave without being detected. In California, a Burglary is the intent to enter a building or locked car to commit a theft or any other felony.

    Home Invasion Suspect(s) barge in, and commit a Robbery. They are normally armed and may separate occupants of the home while looking for property to take.  In California, a Robbery is the taking of property by force or fear.

    It is usually best if armed suspects are in your home to let them take your property. Your life is at stake and property can be replaced.

    So what can you do to protect yourself from Home Invasion Robbery? Here are some tips:

    Follow tips in our prior article about Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips.

    Don't brag about property or vacation plans on social networking sites like, FaceBook or Twitter.

    Consider purchasing Diversion Safes to protect small valuables.

    Have a home alarm with dialer and panic button. Although you probably will not be allowed to call the police directly with these, you can pre program a range of numbers for the alarm to call. The person called can listen in through the hard wired phone line and call police.

    Develop a plan and discuss it with Family Members:

    Keep your doors Dead Bolt locked at all times. Never blindly open a door when you hear a knock or door bell. Use the peephole or window and remember even a person you know can be an attacker. Criminal street gang memberships are on the rise. I have seen members 12 years old and younger, so be aware of kids you don't know at your door also. Talk to the person through the door, or install an intercom system. Only open the door if you are sure it is safe.

    Don't open the door for salesmen or people holding a clipboard. This is a common way to gain your trust.

    Chain locks will NOT keep an attacker from pushing open the door. Try to have sold entry doors with a dead bolt.

    Have a code word, like ESCAPE, and have a pre-planned safe place to go. Have a set up safe room and include a close neighbor in on the plan. Use the neighbors home in case family members can not get to the safe room.

    In the case of a pre-planed safe room:

    There are professional rooms that can be built or you can set one up on your own.

    At least have a sold core or steel door with a dead bolt into a sold door frame. Include a peep hole, or camera that can be viewed from the Safe Room.

    Try to choose a room with no windows or hard to get into windows. (Remember barred windows can be hard to get out of in case of fire. If you choose bars, have the type that can be opened from the inside and test them often. Paint and rust can make openable window bars unusable)

    Try to have a hard wired phone, cell phone, and a computer with communication abilities in the room. You have to be able to call for help. (If you have an alarm with phone dialer, it will tie up the hard line phone when activated by the panic button.)

    Have emergency supplies for water, food, and first aid.

    Consider Self Defense:

    Have Self Defense weapons locked up and available in the safe room. I prefer non-Lethal types, like Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, or Taser over firearms. (You never really know who is coming down the hallway during the excitement. You don't want to kill a police officer, rescuer, or even a family member with a stray bullet).

    If you need to use the safe room:

    Call the police and stay in the room until the police tell you to come out. The dispatcher will ask for as much information as possible to help responding officers. Try to be calm and don't get discouraged. The police will be on their way while you are on the phone. If possible, many dispatchers will stay on the phone with you until the police arrive. You can confirm police presence through the dispatch center via phone call.

    We want you to be safe out there.

    Zeb Hammonds spent forty years in Law Enforcement that included Crime Scene Investigation, Photography and Videography. He served 30 years full time as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Street Sergeant. In the last 6 years of full time service he was also in charge of Technology Development within the Manteca, Police Department in California. Many of his stories are from personal experience. www.ForSecuritySake.com is a way to share these stories and to provide products that can help people be more secure and safer in their daily lives.

  • The Cat Burglar

    The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas

    In the springtime, we finally get to leave the cabin fever behind and get out to enjoy the warmth. We get to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and allow the smell of fresh flowers to come into the home to brighten our day.

    This is also the time of the year to consider non-lethal self defense and alarm products for your home and family protection. The burglar is out more often when it is warm and may find the good weather a reason to invite themselves into your home. I would choose non-leathal products, because when accidental or mistaken identity shootings happen, they are not deadly mistakes as with many firearm incidents.   Non-lethal weapons, like the Taser®, have better stopping power, than a 9mm handgun and are safer around children.

    There is a photo of great art - The Cat Burglar by Will Bullas- at the top of the article.  I chose it because, to me, there is a rough watch out for me look in the eyes.  Study this cool cat, but remember there are real people Cat Burglars out there waiting to rip you off.

    If you find anything serious about Cat Burglars on the web, you will learn that they specialize at being stealthy like a cat. In many cases it is much more than that; the Cat Burglar looks for easy ways to get into your home ( I have some of those ways listed here), but he/she also gets a thrill from getting away with crime when the victim home has people around. It doesn't matter if you are in the back yard pool; sleeping; working on a car in the garage; mowing your lawn; washing your outside windows; warming up your car, or any activity that has you in another area of the home.

    Cat Burglars that come in at night sometimes like to sneak into your bedroom, watch you sleep, and take easy to pick items. They like money from a wallet, jewelry, or change left out. Items you may not miss right away, but if you do, you may just think you spent it or misplaced it. This type of burglar may come back and do it again.

    Two Cat Burglar cases that easily come to my mind continued victimizing people until caught.  One took a team of police officers to set up and catch him in the area with property in his pocket.  I was able to close twenty reported cases he did in just one year. While he was in prison, his son took over the family business and continued with a similar method of operation as his father did.

    They are dangerous and there are three types of Cat Burglar that I am sure you have heard of; he/she takes children or assaults adults and those Cat Burglars are called Kidnappers, Rapists, and Murderers.

    Protect yourself and your family with anti theft ideas from the Cat Burglar:

    Keep a key with you while you are at home and always have the doors locked, even if you are right there. It only takes a second to enter and grab.

    Protect yourself and family by having a noisy dog, installing motion sensor alarms, and lights.  They can be simple and do not have to be expensive. Learn more.

    Keep a Taser®, Stun Gun, and/or Pepper spray handy for home self defense.

    Think of Neighborhood Watch. Your local police agency has the most up to date information on how to set one up.

    You can't say it won't happen to me and you can't stop living just because there is danger. But you can be smart, prepared, and protect yourself and your family.

    Be safe out there!

    Zeb Hammonds spent forty years in Law Enforcement that included Crime Scene Investigation, Photography and Videography. He served 30 years full time as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Street Sergeant. In the last 6 years of full time service he was also in charge of Technology Development within the Manteca, Police Department in California. Many of his stories are from personal experience. www.ForSecuritySake.com is a way to share these stories and to provide products that can help people be more secure and safer in their daily lives.

  • Home Alarm Systems Are They Still Worth it?

    in 1968 when I started in police work, all alarms, including homes, came directly into the police department. Dispatchers were required to silence the alarm in the dispatch center, look up responsible owners, call those owners, and dispatch police units to the calls. Police officers dispatched, would wait for an owner and search the home before leaving the scene.

    Over time this was no longer an effective use of dispatcher time and alarms were  not allowed to go directly to the police department.  Instead if customers wanted the police to be notified when their alarm was triggered, they were required to go through private security company monitors, who then called the police department. Police officers responding would still wait for an owner, or responsible person to arrive before they left the scene.

    Those home owners that chose un-monitored alarms would rely on the noise scaring away burglars when alarms went off. The alarm would then reset after a set amount of time.  Those rang again if the sensor causing the trigger was still activated, causing fed up neighbors to call the police when they got tired ringing or siren.

    As populations grew and there were more alarms out there, the number of false alarms increased. Police Agencies began to charge false alarm fees, which caused private security monitors to call the residence for confirmation. If there was no answer, or a person answered the phone without the correct code, the police department would be called. Responding officers checked for evidence of break-in or checked the identity of persons present before leaving to other calls.

    Today, because of budget cuts, many police departments will not respond to burglar alarms, unless there is some type of confirmation that the call for service  is not a false alarm.

    Alarm Monitor companies still call the alarm residence or the cell phone of the person responsible for the property.  If there is an answer and the person answering the phone does not have the alarm code, the police will be called. If there is no answer, the companies will still call the police to show they did their job. Will the police respond? It will depend on the call information and the policy of the police department,

    Some companies can monitor sound in the residence if an alarm is tripped. They can tell there is a problem, by listening in, and they can forward updated information to the police while they are responding. These companies will continue to monitor sound until the property is secured by the police department.

    The problem I see happening, is that even if the police respond, the time between the alarm sounding and the police being notified is growing. It can take minutes to confirm an alarm, causing a long delay for police response.

     As an example: I arrived one time to a burglary call within 30 seconds of being dispatched. I soon realized the call took a while to be forwarded to me.  The front door of the property had been smashed in, a number of video recorders and televisions had been taken, and the crooks were nowhere to be seen. 

    So is it still worth having an alarm system installed in your home?

    I believe that they are worth the cost and you don't necessarily need to pay a monthly fee for it. There are inexpensive systems out there now, like the HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System that include phone dialers. And with use of cell phones, it just may be the way to go, because your alarm system can now call you.


     When the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered, the system sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit.  The base unit dials the first telephone number of your programmed list.  The person answering the call will hear a prerecorded alert message and they will have the option to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice through the base unit, or disarm the system.  If there is no answer, or if the person doesn’t disarm the system, it will dial the next number on your programmed list.

    Most police departments still don't allow phone dialer calls to go directly to them,  but the neat thing about this is that you can have the system call your cell phone, a trusted neighbor, or up to 5 total phone numbers.

    In the case of a neighbor; they could listen in or even look out their window at your home.  They might even be able to get a license plate number for the police. That information would alert the officer to look for the suspect vehicle as he/she responds.

    In the case of system calling your cell phone; in addition to illegal entry protection, you could have a live in mother, or teenager living at home and alone if your not there. The included panic button remote control has the ability to be attached to a keyring or lanyard necklace.  If family at home needs help from a fall or other emergency, the panic button can be pressed to sound the alarm and start the phone dialer. When activated you could be the first number dialed. You could listen in and even broadcast your voice into the room where the keypad is located. If needed you could call for emergency assistance and have them en-route as fast as possible.

    You can have greater piece of mind knowing that your family and propertry is protected!

    Be safe and secure out there, because there are people waiting to rip you off, or even attack you. We at www.ForSecuritySake.com dedicate this site to helping you protect yourself, your family and property from these people.

  • How We Can Help Money Strapped Cities and Counties Protect Our Homes

    Homesafe System No Background

    We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    Please  be safe and aware that there are people out there looking for ways to rip you off. Property crimes and Assaults always go up this time of the year.

    Unfortunately there are many less Police and Sheriff  positions this year to help protect us. In a prior article (How Do You Know That Pepper Spray Works) I wrote about the loss of police officer positions and closure of police departments, due in part to the economy. This national problem is expanding and we have a greater need to find ways to help curb crime for ourselves, the police, and our neighbors.  Below are just a few of the police jurisdictions that have recently lost, or will loose their police force.

    Fallowfield, Pa is a town about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh. The police department contract reportedly expires this month. All officers will be laid off at that time.

    Bethel, Maine is about 70 miles northwest of Portland has decided to contract to the Oxford County Sherriff’s office and let their police officers go.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff is handling police calls that Maywood Police Department officers had been patrolling in this Los Angeles California suburb. The entire department was eliminated this year.

    San Luis Colorado, 200 plus miles from Denver, is now being patrolled by the Costilla County Sheriff, because it is more cost effective for San Luis than keeping their own police agency.

    Many jurisdictions that can no longer afford their police departments are cutting a large number of officer positions. or contracting with other agencies to take over public safety tasks and patrol. Since contracted agencies are also money strapped, it will not be easy for them to afford to hire extra manpower to take the place of fired officers. This will mean less patrol for those areas and an increase in crime. To cover some of the officer positions needed, special crime teams, such as Narcotics and Gang officers have been cut. This leaves extra tasks to patrol officers already handling more calls for service.

    How do we help the police, our neighbors, and ourselves?

    You can join or setup a neighborhood watch. Your local police agency can give you all the information.

    We have all driven by or have seen something that just didn’t look right in our neighborhood. Be extra eyes and ears for security sake. Know your neighbors and the vehicles that belong in the area where you live.  Have each others’ phone numbers written down and know the names of everyone in the home.

    If you see a person or a vehicle that doesn’t belong, try to safely write down the license number and description(s).  If needed later you will have the information. Remember that kids can be burglars too. Gang members can start out at 12 years old or younger and can be lookouts.

    Call the neighbor the suspect is near and if there is no answer, or if the person that answers is not your neighbor, hang up and call 911. The idea here is to catch the criminal so please don’t tell suspects that you are going to call the police.

    How do you protect your property if you are away?

    Tell a trusted neighbor how long you will be away and if you have someone that will be coming over to watch over the residence. If your police agency has a volunteer program, they often will offer to check out your home while you are gone. If your home alarm is the type with an auto dialer as described below, have your trusted neighbor be one of the first calls. When an alarm alerts a neighbor, they can see what is going on and then call the police.

    Most criminals look for the easiest home to break into. If you make the criminal think he will get hurt or caught breaking into your home, he/she will most likely look elsewhere. You can check out one of our articles on what a burglar looks for on our blog at www.ForSecuritySake.com.

    Dogs and alarm systems are a couple of good ways to scare a criminal away.

    A dog that sounds vicious will make a criminal think twice about trying to go into your house. You don’t even have to have a real dog. As an example; we at www.ForSecuritysake.com have a low cost electronic dog barking alarm that can make it appear there is a vicious dog in the home.

    An alarm system will help protect you and your home. When tripped, most systems will sound a high decibel alarm inside and outside your home. If you have monitoring by an alarm company, they will call you first and ask for a code if the phone is answered. If no code is known or there is no answer, the company will then call the police. An inexpensive alternative is a system with an auto dialer.

    These systems, like our wireless home security systems with auto dialer, will allow you to program phone numbers to be called when the alarm is tripped. Although most agencies do not allow these phone dialers to call the police direct, they can call your cell phone, a neighbor, or any other person you wish. They also have other features you can check out here.

    It can happen to anyone; even one of our area police Chiefs had a burglary of his home. Luckily he had installed an alarm system and The police were able to respond, track, and arrest the suspects. In this case they were a couple of pre-teens looking for a thrill, guns, and candy.

    www.forsecuritysake.com is dedicated to you as a way to help you protect yourself, your family, and home. Check out safety articles on our blog and join our mailing list for more free information. No purchase is necessary.

    Be safe out there, and enjoy the season!

  • Using The Right Home Security Gadgets Will Result in a Safe House

    Home Security

    An acquaintance at the barber shop had a very good word for all of us having our hair cut that day. With today’s advances in technology, he said man can use many things to make his life as easy as possible. Unfortunately, he added, technology can be used both ways, good and bad.

    That made me think about home security for the average man. He needs to make use of modern technology to provide for a safe house setting. Modern technology is also useful to criminal elements. To be a step ahead of these elements, we must take stock of home security. The idea is to make your home a Safe House. To do that you need to scare off the criminal element away from your home.

    I searched the Internet for information about this topic. There are many affordable products for home security that will give any family a safe house environment.

    The Super Door Alarm was the first I saw. It is a door alarm with 120 db sound which alerts you of any unauthorized entry and also a door stop that will deny entry to that same person. We have replaced this door stop alarm with the Triple Action Doorstop that includes a motion detector in case the alarm is moved.

    Then I came to see the next product which is the Voice Alert System-6. It has a receiver/speaker base unit and a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detector with sensor transmitters.

    Any motion detected from the 6 protected zones will cause the base unit to sound an alert, which are the recorded alert messages of the owner. The base unit will also trigger a floodlight in the area where motion is detected.

    Another home security device which can assure a safe house situation is the SlideAway Alarm, a compact magnetic door alarm. It has a 110 db siren appropriate for sliding doors. Its base is bolted to the door or window frame and its actuator is attached to the door or window.

    The Electronic Barking Dog Alarm is a device that can give a safe house situation. A barking dog typically scares strangers away. So, when the protected area is breached, the sound of an angry barking dog will be heard that will scare any intruder.

    ZebPet Enterprise's ForSecuritySake is one of the leading experts on non-lethal self defense products. You will find a number of options, such as stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, and personal alarms. They offer complete support and instruction on how to use the products, including those listed in the article.

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