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Animal Repellant

  • Outdoor & Indoor Wireless Simple To Use Alarm System

    Would you set up an inexpensive alarm system if you knew it was simple to install and use?

    I belong to our local Neighborhood Watch groups and it never fails to amaze me how many property incidents are reported by furious people, some who are victims more than once. These crimes include garages; sheds; cars; trailers; homes; and yards.

    Un-fortunately, the police usually can’t get to a crime in progress soon enough to catch a theft suspect in the act. This results in the damage and loss of your property, along with the feelings of invasion, rage, and loss of the security.

    Some property owners and their neighbors have cameras that are good at helping identify the suspect(s) after the crimes have been committed, but almost all of them do not have, or use alarms to help protect their property before it is stolen.

    It is a fact that if a suspect knows that the property they are considering stealing from has alarm protection, they will leave and look for an easier target.

    We wanted to do something to help people protect their property by offering an inexpensive product that is very simple to install and use. We combined  our wireless siren with flashing light, remote control, and adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor to make a simple system that anyone can use to help scare away intruders before they steal your things .

    This Wireless Outdoor Siren with Flashing Light, Remote Control, and Adjustable Outdoor Motion Sensor does not need a keypad to code and there is no monthly monitoring charge. Just do a simple initial one-time match of the three products, install the siren near an outdoor AC outlet, and install, or place the long-lasting battery operated indoor/outdoor motion sensor where you want protection. Use the remote control to arm, disarm, or set off a panic siren. Get More Information and/or Purchase by clicking here.

    You can protect more than one area up to 300 feet away from the siren by adding more sensors. You can add up to 7 of three types of sensors to each siren. The Adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor, the indoor motion sensor, and the door/window/vibration sensor. Check them out here.

    You can even add more than one remote control and/or siren with the same sensors. All you have to do is match the same remote control(s) and sensor(s) to the siren(s). Just be sure that additional sirens are armed. (The average reach distance from the remote control to the siren ( is 60 feet.) Check out the entire product page here.

    Here are some property protection ideas that our customers have used these products for:
    • Shed: By using a motion sensor pointed at the shed door, and inside the shed.
    • Garage: By using a motion sensor inside the garage.
    • Carport: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area from under the roof eve.
    • Driveway: By pointing an adjustable motion sensor across an entrance gate.
    • Barn: By placing a door sensor magnetics at the entrance and a motion sensor in an inside office.
    • Window: By using the magnetics part of the door sensor on the window and window frame that will sound with vibration, or if opened.
    • Car: By placing an adjustable motion sensor inside.
    • Toolbox: By placing a motion sensor inside.
    • Garden: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area of the garden.

    What are you going to use your system for?

    Have questions? Leave us a comment or send an email to questions@ForSecuritySake.com

  • Grizzly Bear Attacks Cause Death in Yellowstone Bear Spray Pepper Recommended

    While we come across Black Bears all the time here in California, it is the Grizzley Bear Attack that appears to make the most headlines for injuries and death.

    in 2012 we came across the below video where Grizzly Bear Attacks Cause Death in Yellowstone Bear Spray Pepper Recommended. Watch News Reports and Ranger interviews explain what happened. Near the end there are survival tips to follow when charged by one. 

    You can purchase your Bear Spray Pepper at our Online Store ForSecuritySake

    Be safe out there!




  • Coyotes, Jackrabbits, & Raccoons oh my! Where is my animal repellent?


    We live in The San Joaquin Valley, California and it is not uncommon to see Jack Rabbits, and Raccoons on the farm land around us. Is not unusual to hear Coyote yelps and screams if you are fishing around area lakes and Rivers, but it is, or I should say was, unusual to see these animals walking down city streets, attacking people in their carports, and chasing small animals inside your house.

    But that is just what has been happening California:

    Other than sighting many jackrabbits in home gardens, other specific incidents have been worthy enough to make the newspaper and television news.

    In San Diego County, a Coyote was sighted chasing a cat down the middle of a gated community street.

    In East Lake, a resident reported hearing coyotes hysterics near by as a pack captured their dinner.

    A Rancho Penisquitas resident, reported that here neighbor's dog was taken from a fenced yard, by a possible coyote, and that they are now afraid to leave their dog outside.

    A Spring Valley resident, reported that a coyote chased a dog through a dogie door right into the house surprising the owner who was then in a fight to save her pet.

    In Sacramento, a young woman was attacked by raccoon, twice, while walking from her car to her front door. She is now undergoing rabies treatment.

    In densely populated area of Stockton, a set of three raccoon cubs were found living in a home owner's back yard tree.

    And in Glendale, an entire pack of coyotes have taken up residence in an upscale neighborhood home that burned last November.

    These are just some of the incidents reported in our area. We need to change the way we treat our pets and garbage and we have another use for animal repellent pepper spray.

    First understand that animals that normally live in the wild, are loosing their homes and food sources, as we spread out our cities to accommodate the growing population. So they move down from the hills looking for food and nesting areas.

    Help keep them away from your home by:

    Placing garbage in cans with animal proof lids.

    If possible, watch your small pets while they are outside or place them in pens.

    Don't leave out pet food where wild animals will find an easy source of food.

    If you have yard or a home garden, consider fencing it in and research methods to repel animals from it. There are chemical, electrical, and electronic animal repellents on the market.

    If you see a wild animal, keep your distance. There are recent cases of rabies transmission from a paw scratch.

    Keep animal repellent nearby. You never know when it could be needed to save your pet, or child from an animal attack.

    But above all, be safe out there!




  • Dog Attack Prevention

    Wolf reduced no background

    Up dated 05-21-16

    The Associated Press wrote that in 2011 there were over 4.7 million reported dog bites in the United States and a majority of the bite victims were children.

    The United States Postal Service reported 5,600 mail carriers were bitten last year with costs over a million dollars for medical treatment.

    Each year the USPS sets up for their annual dog bite prevention program, where the service's goal is to help reduce the number of attacks on Americans.

    Here are some anti-bite tips regarding dogs:

    Remember that dogs are descendants of wild animals. They still have those instincts. Many times I have heard the words " my dog has never done that before", or my dog "is normally gentle and has never bitten anyone before".

    If you were jogging, walking, or riding a bicycle, would you run by a wild wolf? Domesticated dogs still have the instinct to chase and catch prey. If you see a loose dog, stop, turn and walk away slowly until the dog is out of sight.

    If the dog threatens you, don't scream. This shows weakness. Avoid eye contact as this can show aggression or a challenge to the dog. Try to remain motionless until the dog leaves and then go the opposite direction slowly.

    Don't approach dogs that are fenced in or tied up.

    One of the most dangerous dog situations, is where you find dogs grouped in packs. Don't walk by a pack of dogs, even if they appear friendly.
    If a dog attacks, try to place something between you and the dog, like a bicycle, chair, or rake.

    Use your pepper spray dog repellent. Our EPA approved Mace® Muzzle provides safe, effective and humane protection against dog attack. Ideal protection for walkers, joggers, cyclists or delivery people.

    The US Postal Service has these requests for dog owners:

    When a mail carrier comes to your home, please keep your dog inside the home and in a room away from the front door. Dogs want to protect their master and will escape through a door if possible.

    Please don't send your children to a mail carrier to pick up your mail if you have a dog present, because the dog may see the mail carrier as a threat to the child. Again they will protect the family.


    Other dog owner tips include:

    Use a leash when walking your dog. Remember there are those instincts that can take over, no matter the size or breed of the dog.

    Don't place your dog where it may feel threatened or teased. A large percentage of child dog bites are from family dogs known to the child.

    Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.

    Be alert for potentially dangerous situations that arise with your dog.

    Teach children to be careful around pets; not to approach strange dogs, or try to pet dogs through fences.

    Train and know your dog. Teach the dog basic commands including sit, stay, no, and come. Check with your local jurisdiction for obedience classes.

    Make sure your dog has up to date shots and that there is a way to identify your dog if found loose. It may mean the difference for a child to have to go through Rabies shots.
    It doesn't take a bite to cause Rabies. A little girl in our area contracted Rabies from a paw scratch. She miraculously survived but it will takes months for her to rehabilitate.

    Enjoy your dog and be safe out there.

  • Yosemite National Park Backcountry Black Bears & Repellent Spray Pepper

    Black Bear ForSecuritySake.comOur Back Packing party was four adults and three teenagers. We learned much about Black Bears while camping in the back country Hetch Hetchy reservoir area of Yosemite National Park.

    After six hours of hiking up the mountain trail above the reservoir, we reached an area with supplied fire rings and wire cable lines strung between trees. We decided to camp there for our trip.

    Camping near us were four park rangers studying the design of some new bear proof containers.

    We knew we were in Black Bear country and we were prepared with our Bear Pepper Spray Repellant, but we learned a lot more from these rangers and our trip. The area we were staying in is the drop off point officials take Black Bears that were aggressive and a nuisance in the Yosemite National Park Valley.

    The rangers gave us some facts about Black Bears in the Yosemite National Park Area:

    Always keep food, makeup, and any sugar, or sweets out of your tent and parked car. Black Bears have torn into tents or cars when a smell of food or sweets is present. Instead always place your food in a bear proof container or hang it in line strung across two trees out of reach of bears.

    Never try to take food away from a Black Bear once he has it. They will protect their food.

    Black Bears will return to a point they have found food in the past.

    Never run from a Black Bear. Black Bears will normally stop a charge when you stand your ground and look as large as you can. If you run, they see this as a sign of weakness and may chase you down.

    Black Bears normally scare away with banging pots and pans or thrown rocks. Bear attacks are rare as long as you use common sense.

    Never get between a Black Bear and her Cub(s).

    Bears are smart; they will learn different techniques to get at your food. We learned this as we had Black Bears in camp every day and night we spent there.

    Here are two of our experiences with these bears:

    *We did not use our bear spray here because we wanted to see what the bear would do and we were never in any danger from the bear.

    We followed instructions and hung our food on a supplied line stretching between two trees. Some of us were in camp when in bright daylight, an adult Black Bear spotted our food.

    This bear climbed one tree where the food line was secured and tried several times to reach out and snag the food bag. The bag was out of reach and we thought the bear had given up.

    The bear then climbed the other tree where the line was stretched and tried again without success. We were sure at this point the bear would give up, but then the bear stood there under the food pacing back and forth, ignoring us. Then we realized just how smart and powerful these bears are.

    After a few minutes of pacing, the bear went to a young pine tree and began to push it from the trunk toward the food line. To our amazement, the bear was able to push the tree toward the food and climbed the tree, while keeping it bent toward the food bag. As the bear got close enough to reach the bag, it used one front paw to swipe the bag in the middle. And with that the Ripstop Nylon bag was in two pieces, the bottom full of food now on the ground.

    The Black Bear ran off with the food bag and did not spill a single piece. But we had one more thing to be amazed about with this bear.

    Knowing that it is bad news to mess with a bear with food, and armed with our Bear Pepper Spray, we waited an hour and followed the bear tracks. We walked only a couple hundred yards when we found the leftovers, and none of it was uneaten food.

    There on the ground was the empty Ripstop Nylon bag and twenty beef jerky plastic wrappers, all in a neat little pile. We will have a good time with this true story for many years to come.

    Simply put, Bear Pepper Spray is a good thing to have when those unexpected bear moments arise. You may never need it, but when you do need it, not having it could be tragic.

    One day of our camp out, our three teenagers just happened to get to close to two bear cubs that had wandered into camp. Momma bear was not yet in sight and while paying attention to these cubs, momma bear charged the boys.

    The boys did not stand their ground, but one of our adults with Bear Pepper Spray Repellent and another with banging pots and pans did. This Black Bear family did not return to our camp during our stay.

    Keep watch on our blog and you will see some more stories from our bear encounters.

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