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Car Safety

  • The 4 n 1 Auto Emergency Tool & Why Do We Need it Review

    Flashing-200-ForSecuritySak Flashlight 72.dpi ForSecuritySake

    (Above photos for illustration. While the red led light flashes, the white flashlight does not blink)

    I don't think that anyone in the United States would disagree that most of us travel by motorized transportation. Weather it be by train, taxi, or our own cars; most of us get into a box with doors and windows to travel every day.

    It is a habit and we think about the time it will take to get to our next stop. We don't ponder about what if situations.  What would happen in an accident and the seatbelt won't release, or we find our normal exit is blocked, or stuck shut?

    Our 4 n 1 Auto Emergency tool can help get you free, light your way, and signal for help.

    This subject hits close to home for me and I think about it a lot. My 8th grade classmate went fishing with family members the day before our eighth grade graduation commencement. The car he was riding in went off an embankment and landed in a ditch full of water.  The doors and windows were stuck closed and they could not get out. We found out about it the day we graduated and I sat next to his empty chair during the ceremony that night.

    At just 6oz and 7 inches by 2 inches, it is just right to have with you with any ground transportation.


    The 4 n 1 tool has the following features:

    • Water resistant light weight plastic housing with dual metal tipped glass breaking hammer
    • Dual protected metal seat belt cutters
    • 12 flashing red led signal light that automatically activates when the tool is removed from its cradle
    • Bright white led flashlight
    • Mountable cradle
    • Magnetic head that will hold the light out against steel


    With the combination of features that this tool has, it is a good choice to have available in case of an emergency.

    I worked as an ambulance EMT volunteer and full time law enforcement officer for my entire career. I saw many times where an accident wedged the doors and windows shut. You probably have seen news reports and heard about the emergency crews using the Jaws of life to cut out trapped passengers. Many lives have been saved with this tool, unfortunately when there is a fire, or unique circumstances involved, you probably don't have time to wait for that crew to arrive. A Jammed window is amazingly hard to open, or break, but they are no match for these tools and often that is all that is needed to escape.

    I always carry a seat belt cutters and glass breaking tools with me in case of an emergency. And they have been used a number of times to help people escape and not just in automobile accidents. This tool will work just as well from inside any vehicle or home when you are your only way out.

    We only have a limited number of this important tool left. You can find them here until we run out of stock.

    Be safe out there





  • Steering Wheel Alarms Help Protect Your Entire Car

    Picture1It is shopping time. Our mission at ForSecuritySake is to help people go about their daily lives in a safer way, by providing helpful information and products. Today we would like tell you about how portable inexpensive Steering Wheel Alarms help protect your entire car.

    Last year the FBI reported that there was a Burglary every 18.2 seconds and there was an auto theft every 45.7 seconds.  Those statistics are for the year 2014 and as we get closer to Christmas, or other national gift giving time, your chances of becoming a victim rises. We can blame politics, the economy, or high unemployment, but the fact is that theft of gifts from vehicles is high again this year.

    In 2011, the crime of Auto Burglary has increased so much that our police department has erected signs at the entrance of shopping mall parking lots. Those signs warn shoppers to lock their vehicles and not to leave packages in the visible areas.

    In most cases a thief looks for an easy to enter vehicle that has the most to offer for the risk. Lets look at two SUVs parked side by side in a packed mall parking lot.

    One SUV is packed with visible gifts, has the windows cracked open, and has no active alarm system.

    The other SUV has closed tented rear windows, locked doors,  and a visible portable steering wheel alarm.

    The thief is going to look even harder at the first vehicle as a target. As with the second vehicle, the way to reduce your risk is to make your vehicle look like a harder target than other cars near you.

    The fact is that many thieves think differently then an honest person. During my Law Enforcement career, I have interviewed many suspects and I would like to tell you about one of them.

    A woman had been shopping and while unloading her car at home, she left her purse and some packages on top of her car. She walked into her house and was back out to her car within a minute. When she came back out, she noticed her purse and packages were gone and saw a car pulling away from the home next door.

    I was able to locate and arrest the suspect, an ex-con, within a couple of blocks. During the interview he was eager to tell me his side as he had done nothing wrong. He said that when someone leaves their property on top of their car, he has the right to take it because the owner is inviting him to. He said they are willingly giving the property away. Nothing I said to this man could change his mind.

    In 40 years of my Law Enforcement experience, the right to take it,  or the common " I don't know why I did it", were the two most common excuses a suspect gave for a theft.

    A Steering Wheel Alarm will help protect your property and your car from thieves like the one I interviewed above. If you protect your property to the point that the alarm is what is seen first, there is a great chance that the thief will move to another target.

    Here are a few other shopping tips.

    It is better to shop at an area that is well lit at night, has parking lot security, and doesn't have a on ramp to a major freeway near the parking lot entrance.

    Pay attention to what is going on as you pull into a parking lot and continue to look around until you get into the store. When you come out with packages, look again to see who is still there and if there is a help out service have them walk you to your car.

    Shopping days often brings the need to take purchases to your vehicle and go on to the next store. If your car has a trunk, place your packages there. If not place the packages in an area that is hard to see. Cover them up with something like  an old blanket. Activate that alarm!

    Carry a self defense product like a Taser, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, or personal alarm. Have it ready to use as you walk to your transportation.

    If you have an alarm system you need to activate it when you are away from your vehicle. Our Portable inexpensive Steering wheel alarms help protect your entire car and have warning lights that blink. This will make the thief  think twice before choosing your car to break into. These alarms are easy to use, can be attached in less than a minute, and have remote control activation and disarm functions.

    Our main goal today is for you to be safe out there during all of your shopping days!

    Have a safe and happy shopping experience.


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