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  • WildFire Defensible Space Safety And a Great Knife

    Angora fire from Pope Beach Angora fire from Pope Beach

    Defensible space is a term used by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It is the yard space around your home that must be cleared of flammable vegetation to reduce the chance that a wildfire will destroy your home.


    By law, in California, you must clear an area 30 feet from your home of surrounding flammable vegetation. This includes keeping tree limbs 10 feet from a home chimney and adding a less than 1/2 inch mesh screen over the chimney.

    You must also reduce flammable vegetation an additional 70 feet surrounding your home.  This includes:


    Trimming tree limbs from the ground to keep the fire from climbing a vertical ladder into the tree.


    Removing plants from under trees.


    Spacing plants vertically and horizontally to help keep fire from jumping from one to the other.


    Remove all needles from your roof and gutter.


    You can download a pdf of the requirements at Cal Fires Website. These requirements are for California, but the tips apply anywhere. Check your local laws for your area's requirements.


    We were trapped by a Wildfire fire in 2007. The fire was called the Angora Fire and happened in tha area of South Lake Tahoe, California. We were camping and had just a few minutes to evacuate our fifth wheel trailer from our campground. We happened to have a great knife with us that helped us cut tie lines and reduce the amount of time it took to move out. We were able to move, but could not get out of the area. We had to spend the night at Pope Beach and watch the fire progress toward us. You can read about that story by clicking A good folding knife can save you.


    This type of fire can happen in any area that has grass, trees and homes. Many people lost their homes in this fire and when we last checked in 2014, many of the homes were still in various stages of rebuilding.


    Don't be a victim of wild fire.  Have defensible space.


  • An Old Lake Tahoe Casino Idea Worked Better Than A Diversion Safe?

    Updated March 15, 2012.

    I believe that diversion safes are one of the best ways to protect small valuables, jewelry, and money. Diversion safes, also referred to as concealment devices are safes made of, or made to look like common household items for the purpose of concealing valuables. The whole idea is to keep important things that may draw the attention of a thief in the most regular of items and in places where they would least expect.

    I think I have found a one time situation that worked better than a diversion safe could.

    I was a young police cadet 42 years ago, but I remember this true story like it was yesterday, because while my parents vacationed in South Lake Tahoe, Barney's Casino Teen Center is where I stayed.

    It happened in 1968, near Zepher Cove, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Richard Chartrand, owner of Barney's Casino at State Line South Lake Tahoe, was killed while backing out of his home driveway.

    The professional style car bomb that exploded, killing him, sent the Douglas County Sheriff's Department into a deep investigation that is still ongoing. They still have all of the evidence from the crime scene, including the car.

    I remember information coming through our police department, causing rumors that this was a mob hit, because of missing money.

    The building that housed Barney's Casino back then, has been owned by several people since and it wasn't until this week that construction crews found a hidden 4 foot safe under a stairway, completely sealed off by metal studs and Sheetrock.

    KCRA TV in Sacramento, California, reports that the current owner of the building, Mike Laub, was remodeling when demolition crews found the safe. Prior owners have been contacted and none had knowledge that the safe was there all those years.

    Since the safe's discovery, people have been offering  large sums of money for the safe as is. Others have tried to break into the facility where it is stored. Lock smiths have offered to crack the safe, but the safe has yet to be opened.

    Since no owner of the building admits to knowledge of the safe, investigators think it might have belonged to murder victim Richard Chartrand.

    So on September 5th, or 6th, 2011, Google Plus reportedly wants to live stream the opening of the safe, and the Oprah Network producers will be filming it for a show called Found. The Oprah Network also will supply the lock smiths.

    Is the Major brand safe a big find or was this a convenient way to dispose of it.

    We will update you as soon as we know.

    See the KCRA 3 report.


    Now for the update March 15 2012:

    A Lake Tahoe Local produced a YOUTUBE entry by FabulosLakeTahoe at http://www.tahoenetworktv.com/. He interviewed a former casino bus driver that claims he is probably the last person to be in the safe. The safe was discovered behind a sealed wall at the former Barney's Casino during new construction. The former driver said that he removed bags of old casino chips from the safe and took them to the former owner before the safe was walled in by new owners. You can see the YouTube entry below.



  • Latest Home Invasion Robbery News

    San Leandro Police in Search of Three Suspects from Home Invasion Robbery
    San Leandro Police are on the lookout for three suspects involved in a San Leandro home invasion robbery that occurred Thursday, Aug. 25. By San Leandro Police Dept. — At around 8:30 pm, Thursday, Aug. 25, the San Leandro Police Communications Center ...
    Read more on Patch.com


    Altamonte Springs police investigate home-invasion robbery
    By Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel Altamonte Springs police are investigating a home invasion in which two men forced their way into an apartment this morning and stole a flat-screen television, they said. At least one of the men, armed with a handgun ...
    Read more on Orlando Sentinel


    Man sentenced to prison for home invasion robbery
    Police found it anyway, and on Monday, Daughtry pleaded guilty to stealing the drugs and other items during a home-invasion robbery in Perry Township. Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione sentenced Daughtry, 18, of 3036 37th St. NW, ...
    Read more on Canton Repository

    You can hide your valuables in plain sight with Diversion Safes. To learn more, check out our information on our page what are diversion safes.


  • What Self Defense Weapons Are Legal?

    For Security Sake Shield FSS CRKCAR copyThere's nothing at all worse than being somewhere, or in a position where you fear a lack of safety or self defense.  To help with that feeling, many choose to purchase a self defense weapon, such as a stun gun, Taser, or pepper spray. But how can you know if that self defense weapon is legal to possess?

    The General public normally does not know the legal guidelines in their personal state, or city, regarding the possession of self defense weapons. With so many laws on the books, even police officers have to be updated yearly to new and changed laws! Depending where you live, the possession of some weapons can be a violation that could result in  jail time! So how do you know what is and is not legal?

    The easy solution to this question is to phone your neighborhood police department. But some people will not want to "bother" the police with  questions.

    At ForSecuritySake.com, you can find  two selections regarding Stun gun laws and pepper spray laws. While these pages have useful information, they will not tell you the complete tale.

    The other day, a gentleman contacted us via our contact us form from ForSecuritySake.com. He wanted to know if he could purchase a steel baton for protection and carry it in his car.  He lives in California and wanted to know if the metal baton was legal. Under California law, it is illegal to carry a baton or club for protection in a car. In California, even a baseball bat is illegal to carry in a car, if it is carried for the purpose of protection. We were able to provide him information on our Stun Guns, Taser, and pepper spray, that he could carry instead.

    So if you have a question on the legality of a self defense weapon, use our Contact Us Form.

    By walking down the street, you don't know which person is a bad guy, but that shouldn't make you fear for your safety.  You can purchase top quality self defense products for individual protection. You just need to know what is legal for the area you live in and know never to use the weapon for offense. Check out our website for all your self defense needs.

    ForSecuritySake.com was founded by a retired police sergeant with over 40 years of experience. He dedicated this site to continue his mission as a Police Professional: To supply information and products to help you and your family be safer and more secure in your daily lives.

    Be safe out there.


  • The Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun Video


    People that are looking for a stun gun for protection can find them in Internet stores like ForSecuritySake.com, but they really can't find them in many brick and mortar stores. What they really want, is to pick them up and see how they feel and work, so an informed decision can be made. It is hard to do that from one photograph and a small description of the product on most web sites.

    As an example: The photograph of the upgraded Stun Master multi function stun gun look huge. In reality it easily fits into any adult hand. (You will see this in the video below). 05-21-16: The upgraded model now has a better grip and louder siren 130 decibels.

    Since we really can't push one through your computer or phone screen, we are going to do the next best thing. We are going to make videos of our different product models and post them here on our blog.

    Our first video is for the Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. This model has an LED Flashlight for everyday use and has other functions for protection, such as a 110 dbs alarm ( Now upgraded to 130 dbs ), flashing red lights and the 4.5 million volt stun gun. A safety wrist rip cord attaches to the bottom of the stun gun and disarms it in the event it is ripped from your hand. A Nylon holster with a belt loop is also included, so it is easy to carry.

    In the following video, we give you a what if story where this stun gun can be used as an everyday flashlight and a situation where the stun gun could be needed for protection. The video is about 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

    If you like this video, we would invite your comment on it at the bottom of this page.

    After you view the video, we invite you to our web page for this stun gun by clicking on the following link Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. You may need to click show all content to see the video if a message pops up with showing only secure content. There you will be able to study this product by seeing other photographs, product description, and you can review this video from there again.

    While on our web page, we invite you to join our family and friends by subscribing to our news letter at the bottom right of any of our web pages. We will send you email information on, new Videos we post, Product Stories, Scams, Stupid Crook Stories, and Discounts on our products. You will receive your first discount just by signing up. We never sell or share your information and all we ask you to give us to sign up is your email address.

    Enjoy the video and be safe out there.




  • Back To School Safety For You and Your Children

    For Security Sake Shield FSS CRKCAR copySummer will soon be ending and that first day of school will be here before you know it. With that in mind it is time to remind ourselves and our kids to do their part to keep them safe during the school year.


    We as drivers need to be extra careful at all times. Here are some kid safe tips:

    There are good reasons that school zones and neighborhood streets have lower speed limits. Kids are full of energy and sometimes act before they think. Slow down and watch for the child darting into the street from between cars. They could be after a ball, the ice cream man, or be day dreaming while they walk, run, or ride their bike.

    Be extra careful at intersections, driveways, and alleys.

    When a group of kids are crossing the street, be watch full of the kid that got left behind and is trying to catch up. They could be late for school, a lunch break, or texting.

    There are enough distractions in your car while driving, Use hands free cell phone attachments and turn off the text notification, so you are not tempted to look and answer.

    When dropping off your children at school, be sure to look around for other children as you start to drive, or back up. Remember small children may be below your mirror or window view.


    Parents Remind Your Kids:

    That when there is no crossing guard, to cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks.

    Never run out into the streets from between parked cars.

    When riding a bike, always ride in the bike lane if provided, or to the far right of the roadway with traffic. Cars approaching from behind may not see them right away, so always look behind before starting to ride. Stop and walk across streets as mentioned above. Use safety lights to increase visibility.

    If they ride the school bus, make sure they wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and then if they need to cross to the other side, always walk around the front of the bus where the driver can see them.


    Teach Stranger Danger:

    First the child needs to know what a stranger is.  A stranger(s) is anyone that they don't know. It could be someone with another child, a fireman, another kid, or another mother. Strangers are unknown people, not someone who looks dangerous.

    Constantly remind children to never walk up to strangers who call to them or pull up beside them in a car. Sometimes they do anyway, so tell them not to believe a story that a stranger's dog is lost, that a brother, sister, or parent is hurt, or sent them to pick them up. Get away from the stranger and go to a safe place, such as the school office, fire station, hospital, police station, or known neighbor. If this happens, always to tell a parent.

    If a stranger grabs them, fight to pull away, scream, and set off their panic alarm. Then go to a safe place as mentioned above.

    In today's way of life, both parents sometimes have to work. If this is the case for you, tell your child who is authorized to pick them up. You could tell them a code word that must be said by the person picking them up.

    If the stranger says he is a police officer (not in a marked police unit and in uniform), fireman, school official, or other professional, tell your child to be careful, even if ID is shown. If the child is old enough to use a cell phone, have them tell the person that they will call to confirm who they claim they are and then call 911.  If the person is legitimate, they will not mind. If the child does not have a phone or is too young for one, have them get away and go to a safe place.

    Please remember that it is our job as parents to teach our children, not the school, day care provider, or television.

    If we all learn and practice to be safe and secure, our children will learn along with us.

    We have a selection of safety lights and personal alarms at www.ForSecuritySake.com .




  • A What If Dog Attack

    Sheperd ThinkingWhile camping at Campground By The Lake, in South Lake Tahoe this last July, we saw an unusual German Shepherd dog attack that made us think what if.

    If you camp, you know that a large number of campers bring their dogs during their travels. Some are large dogs, but many are small dogs and this combination is what caused our what if situation.

    Before we get started: I have nothing against camping with German Shepherd dogs. I have worked with some very smart and dedicated German Shepherd Police Dogs over the years. This incident with red flags could have happened with any breed of dog, to make you think about a what if dog attack.

    My family and I were camping for two weeks and a couple from Nevada were camping across from us with their grandchildren and two German Shepherd dogs. We noticed some red flags about these dogs and those flags turned out to be right.

    Here are some of the red flags:

    There were two untrained and unmuzzled adult German Shepherd dogs together.

    These dogs barked at everything that walked by while pulling on their leashes. This was especially true if there were other dogs being walked by their owners.

    The Shepherd owners did not have good physical control of the dogs and could not command these dogs to stop barking.

    The Incident:

    One time a large man and his wife were walking their small breed dog by the German Shepherd campsite and as usual the dogs jumped up barking and ran to the end of their short leashes. This time something went wrong with one of the leash collars.

    One of the German Shepherd dogs pulled so hard that a heavy duty dog collar chain pulled apart, allowing the dog loose and to viciously attack the small breed dog. The small dog owner tried desperately to pull the dog away while attempting to keep from getting bit by the snarling German Shepherd. There was dirt and dust everywhere and it was hard to see. After about fifteen seconds, a long time during a dog attack, the German Shepherd owner was able to grab the neck of his dog and pull him off. After the small dog owner had his heated say, he left and continued to the campground gate house to report the incident.

    Amazingly neither the dogs or dog owners had any injuries that needed treatment.

    The German Shepherd dogs were evicted from the campground, but before he left, the owner showed me the collar that had failed to hold the German Shepard.

    This collar was a heavy duty large dog chain with welded end rings. One of those welds was apparently faulty, as the ring had been pulled straight from a circle shape.

    So here are the what ifs I came up with:

    What if it was a small child walking with parents, or walking the dog.

    What if the Shepherd owner was further away and could not quickly get to his dog.

    What if both Shepherd dogs had gotten loose.

    But the real question is; what if you had been walking with a child or your dog? What would you have done?

    If the small breed dog owner had animal repellent pepper spray he may have stopped the attack as soon as it started.

    I'm sure there are more what if statements that could be brought up, but the main point is to be prepared. Many people walk a dog for protection, but maybe we should return the favor by having a method to protect our dog(s) too!

    We have some prevention tips on our blog Dog Attack Prevention . It is much better to try to avoid an attack than to try to break one up. Doing so without injury, as above, is rare because when a dog is in fight mode, they don't think about what or who they are biting.

    Have a good day and be safe out there!

  • Alex Trebek Hotel Room Invasion & Anti Theft Tips

    By now you have probably seen or heard a news report about Alex Trebek's hotel room being burglarized in 2011 while he and his wife were asleep in the bedroom. But for those who have not; he awoke to find  a woman in his hotel room stealing items from him.  Mr. Trebek chased the woman and in the process his Achilles tendon ruptured. The woman was captured shortly after the theft and most of the property was returned.

    This type of invasion Burglary happens often and if it can happen in a 5 star San Francisco Hotel Suite, it can happen anywhere. Here are some tips and products to help keep this from happening to you.

    When you are in a hotel room, people enter that room. It may be the maid cleaning, the staff restocking the bar, managers checking on quality. How often do you see a hotel room door standing open while the maid is cleaning a bathroom? It only takes a few seconds for a thief to step in and take visible valuables.

    Place all valuables in the hotel safe, either at the front desk or in the room safe. For times when no safe is available, use a diversion safe like a book safe. The book Safe is a real book with a compartment carved into the middle.

    There are a number of inexpensive and easy to carry products that will alarm or block an intruder from entering your room, even if they have a key. A few of them are reviewed below.

    The Door Stop Alarm is a product that can be placed at the bottom of the door. If the door is opened, the door is stopped from opening and a loud alarm sounds. Most of these alarms also have a movement sensor that sounds if the alarm is moved while it is turned on. If you want to stop staff from walking in on you silently, the alarm function can be turned off.

    The 130 db Personal Alarm with Door Alarm  is as loud as eight 100- decibel alarms. The door accessory of this alarm has a clip that is placed between the door and the door frame. The alarm box hangs on the door knob. If the protected door is opened, the clip falls away and activates the alarm.

    The Travel Guard Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is a Personal Alarm and can protect an area of a room by sensing motion with Passive Infrared (PIR) SENSOR that detects movement up to nine feet away.  When triggered, it emits a loud 15 second, 100dB blast making an impending criminal cower and run. Just slide the cover down exposing the infrared sensor and the off/auto switch. Turn the switch to auto, and the sensor will start detecting motion in 60 seconds.

    For more information on these products and more you can find them at our website page Personal Alarms.

    Have great fun and safe travels!



  • About Black Bears

    Black Bear at Tent

    You need to be prepared for black bears to raid your campsite. You can't afford not to because you have food at your campsite.

    A black bear's number one goal is to find food and over the years they have learned that an easy place to find food is in campgrounds.

    Sure, you can probably take lots of pictures and have fun watching them as they raid your or your neighbors campsite and in most cases they will run away if you make enough noise. But if there was an odor of food in your site and that bear is hungry, it may not scare away and for sure if it runs, it will be back.

    That is where it can be dangerous as the bear may attack you or your loved ones by mistake while looking for food.

    In Lake Tahoe, a campers have mauled by a black bear. The bear was raiding campsites and tore into the tent while the camper was in it. This is becoming more common since the continued California drought 2015

    Most likely bear hunting people, but think tents as a source of food. As a result campers can either be seen as a threat to the bear or can be injured by a bear while it tries to get into a tent. (Bear claws are razor sharp). They can smell food and makeup products.

    An example from Lake County Colorado, a black bear was raiding a bow-hunters gathering campsite. After going through a food cooler and enjoying a feast of eggs, the bear tore into a teenage boy's tent and mauled him.

    Tents are not the only place you can be mauled by  black bears. They will break into tent campers, RVs, cars, and cabins.

    One mistake campers make while renting cabins in bear country, is to leave windows and screen doors open at night and while cooking.  Bears do not care that you are there or not. The animal(s) wants your food and if your in the way, you are a candidate for an accidental or defensive bear attack.

    More examples have happened in the Sierra Mountains to make it even more dangerous for visitors to bear country, including the Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park areas.

    When the winter snow and rain continued into June of 2011 and with the opposite with 2014 continued California drought, bear food becomes hard for them to find.  This causes bears to move to lower altitudes to find food and makes them more likely to wander into your campsite.

    Bear populations are growing to the point that officials are considering allowing previously banned bear hunting to reduce populations.

    So with all this to consider, here are a few important tips to prepare for the highly possible bear encounter this year.

    Have Bear Spray Pepper with you and ready to use. It could help stop or even prevent a bear attack.

    Keep food or anything that smells, including makeup, toothpaste, soda, iced tea, and bag snacks out of your tent, or camper. Place these items into a bear proof container away from where you will be. And remember food scent remains even if the food is removed.  It is better not to have it in a sleeping area at any time.

    Keep Cabin Doors and Windows closed. If a Black Bear gets in try to find a safe way to get out. Make loud noise, but do not corner a bear. Open exits and give the bear a way out. A trapped bear is a dangerous bear. If needed, call 911 for help.

    Garbage is a food source to a bear. Throw that garbage bag tied to the tree, or camper into a bear proof garbage can.

    If you come upon a black bear in the open, don't run. Stand your ground, make noise but give the bear a way out and never get between a bear and cubs.

    These tips will help you keep your campsite safer from the black bear food seekers. There are other Black Bear experiences and tips to read about here at our For Security Sake Blog.

    Be safe out there.

  • Dog Attack Prevention

    Wolf reduced no background

    Up dated 05-21-16

    The Associated Press wrote that in 2011 there were over 4.7 million reported dog bites in the United States and a majority of the bite victims were children.

    The United States Postal Service reported 5,600 mail carriers were bitten last year with costs over a million dollars for medical treatment.

    Each year the USPS sets up for their annual dog bite prevention program, where the service's goal is to help reduce the number of attacks on Americans.

    Here are some anti-bite tips regarding dogs:

    Remember that dogs are descendants of wild animals. They still have those instincts. Many times I have heard the words " my dog has never done that before", or my dog "is normally gentle and has never bitten anyone before".

    If you were jogging, walking, or riding a bicycle, would you run by a wild wolf? Domesticated dogs still have the instinct to chase and catch prey. If you see a loose dog, stop, turn and walk away slowly until the dog is out of sight.

    If the dog threatens you, don't scream. This shows weakness. Avoid eye contact as this can show aggression or a challenge to the dog. Try to remain motionless until the dog leaves and then go the opposite direction slowly.

    Don't approach dogs that are fenced in or tied up.

    One of the most dangerous dog situations, is where you find dogs grouped in packs. Don't walk by a pack of dogs, even if they appear friendly.
    If a dog attacks, try to place something between you and the dog, like a bicycle, chair, or rake.

    Use your pepper spray dog repellent. Our EPA approved Mace® Muzzle provides safe, effective and humane protection against dog attack. Ideal protection for walkers, joggers, cyclists or delivery people.

    The US Postal Service has these requests for dog owners:

    When a mail carrier comes to your home, please keep your dog inside the home and in a room away from the front door. Dogs want to protect their master and will escape through a door if possible.

    Please don't send your children to a mail carrier to pick up your mail if you have a dog present, because the dog may see the mail carrier as a threat to the child. Again they will protect the family.


    Other dog owner tips include:

    Use a leash when walking your dog. Remember there are those instincts that can take over, no matter the size or breed of the dog.

    Don't place your dog where it may feel threatened or teased. A large percentage of child dog bites are from family dogs known to the child.

    Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.

    Be alert for potentially dangerous situations that arise with your dog.

    Teach children to be careful around pets; not to approach strange dogs, or try to pet dogs through fences.

    Train and know your dog. Teach the dog basic commands including sit, stay, no, and come. Check with your local jurisdiction for obedience classes.

    Make sure your dog has up to date shots and that there is a way to identify your dog if found loose. It may mean the difference for a child to have to go through Rabies shots.
    It doesn't take a bite to cause Rabies. A little girl in our area contracted Rabies from a paw scratch. She miraculously survived but it will takes months for her to rehabilitate.

    Enjoy your dog and be safe out there.

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