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  • HandCuffs Often Overlooked for Self Defense

    HandcuffsSecurity guards, police officers, and other law enforcement individuals wouldn't be caught on duty without a good set of Handcuffs. I carried two sets and occasionally I needed to borrow additional sets at crime scenes.  But what about off duty or at home?


    The reasons we carry handcuffs are to:

    Restrain by tightening the wrists together, so hands and arms cannot be used, while not harming the suspect.

    Increase our safety from attack by the suspect.

    Reduce the chance of escape of the suspect.

    But what about off duty and at home.

    We all carry Self Defense weapons and we should be carrying handcuffs anywhere we go.  If we run into a situation where we need our weapons, we will also need a way to restrain a suspect while waiting for help.

    Citizens also carry Self defense products. Some have permits for lethal weapons, but the most carry non-lethal products, like pepper spray, stun guns or Tasers. Should citizens have handcuffs available?

    While it is usually best practice to get away from an assailant or would be robber to get help, there are times when handcuffs will be needed.

    As an example; you catch a burglar in your home and you are threatened by him.  After you use a self defense weapon, you have help to hold the suspect down. Handcuffs would restrain him/her until the police could arrive.

    Handcuff tips:

    Choose made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel. There also types that are usually nickel coated/plated, which should afford you a few years of good use before the plating starts to chip.

    Make sure that they can be double locked. A double lock handcuff is placed onto a person, tightened and then a button is depressed with the cuff key. This locks the cuff so it cannot be tightened further, loosened, or easily picked.

    If you need to use handcuffs, place them on the wrists of the suspect with arms behind him. (Arms in front can be used for a choking weapon, or allow easy reach of a weapon hidden on the person.) Tighten the cuffs so that the suspect cannot get out of them without using a key. Depress the double lock button with the cuff key and watch the suspect constantly until the police arrive.

    You may have heard of thumbcuffs and legcuffs:

    Thumbcuffs are used on the thumbs instead of the wrists. They are small, easy to carry, and can be used to restrain a suspect as described above. They are easier for a suspect to get out of and if they are used, be diligent in watching the suspect until police arrive.

    Legcuffs are usually used to restrain the legs so that a suspect can walk with short steps, but would be unable to run with any speed. We used these when we had an unusually strong or violent custody.  You will also see these used when defendants are brought into court. They are a good supplement to handcuffs, but I would not use them as a replacement.

    Be safe out there and remember that lives are precious; protect them.





  • Stun Gun Juggling on America's Got Tallent

    SM-MULTI_fStun Guns are one of the best self defense products currently on the market. They not only work well if you have to use them physically, but they have a fear factor by just sparking them defensively.

    In interviews with suspects known to attack for the purpose of rape or theft, some have indicated they had, or would walk away if they approached someone with an activated stun gun.

    I have seen different models in all kinds of TV shows, but never like I saw last week on America s Got Talent. Frank Miles on America s Got Tallent

    Frank Miles, a Juggler from San Fransisco California, walked out on a Los Angeles stage while talking to the audience about the worlds most dangerous and possibly deadly stunt he was about to do. Then he juggled three activated 500,000 volt Stun Guns that he had mounted on sticks. While he juggled, he made comments about how dangerous the stunt was like; "it is a scientific fact that if I grab two of these on the wrong end at the same time that would suck". To add to the effect, Frank stepped into a trough filled with water.

    The Judges and audience had terified looks on their faces and believed what Frank said. The Judges thought he would be dead if he droped the sparking objects in the water. They were so impressed that they sent him onto the next round.

    Frank knew exactly what he was doing and in my opinion was in no deadly or lasting phyiscal danger. Although it would hurt and possibly knock him off his feet if he grabbed the wrong end, the voltage of 500,000 volts was not dangerous without high amperage. These product's amperage is actually very low, so it will not cause any lasting harm to the person who receives a shock from it.

    What is really important is that the audience thought he was in real danger of great bodily harm or death. It is this belief that causes the fear factor of the product to work so well for self defense.

    When I demonstrate a stun gun product, I always go through the functions of the unit and how effective they can be.

    A one second contact to an attacker with the device will repel, startle and trigger muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms, a dazed condition and possibly a loss of balance. Three or more seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control, mental bewilderment and severe disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several minutes and effects may well last for up to fifteen minutes.

    After this explanation, I will hold the model I am showing and explain the contact ends, and spark test the unit. Everyone listening or watching the test will jump and move away.

    The same thing happens when an attacker sees and hears the spark of a stun gun. He/she knows that if they don't back off it is going to be like Frank said above.

    So keep your stun gun with you and at ready. If you are threatened, Show and spark it. Your assailant will think twice and it may be all the self defense you need to get away and get help.

  • Summer is Here and it is Time for Swimming Pool Alarm Safety


    Do you have a pool, or do you take your family to pools often? Are you ready in case of an emergency?

    In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years of age.  But, do you really need these statistics to convince you to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your child or grandchild?

    You can never be too safety minded when a swimming pool is involved.   A true story that happened to one of my co-workers drives this point home.

    My co-worker and his wife both had careers and sought out  experienced child care for their toddler. They chose a caregiver that worked from her home. She was licensed by the state, had been in business for a number of years with a spotless record, and had numerous references. This caregiver loved children and really enjoyed daycare.

    There was a swimming pool in the back yard that was fenced and locked. Although there was no cover or pool alarm, it was obvious that no child was going to be able to get to the swimming pool from the back yard.

    One day the caregiver received a phone call that took about five minutes and caused a distraction from the children. That five minutes gave the toddler a chance to go through an unlocked back room sliding door. That door lead directly to the swimming pool.

    There was a tragic end to this story. Not only was a child's life lost, but the marriage and life of my co-worker and caregiver were changed forever.

    I have responded to a number of swimming pool drownings during my career and there were always safety thoughts that could have made the difference. Summer is here and It is time for swimming pool alarm safety.

    Here are some safety tips:

    Learn CPR!  It is not hard to learn and you could save a life. It works, I have used it.

    Teach your kids how to swim. Check with your local public recreation department for classes.

    Always have sober adult supervision when there are children swimming or have access to the pool area. Kids of all ages take chances and forget to watch over a younger sibling.

    As an example; my 8 year old grandson saw a stunt on TV he should not have been watching. He then voiced a desire to do a back flip from the roof of his home. He said he had practiced it on the school playground and already had found a way to climb onto the roof.

    Have a phone with you at the pool to have in case of an emergency and to reduce the urge to go into the house if the phone rings.

    Have an approved  life saving device available to throw into the pool.

    Have your pool fenced in with a locked gate and add a pool cover when the pool is not in use.

    Never open a pool cover part way when swimming.

    Add a pool alarm for safety. They can alert you of waves in the pool if a child or pet were to fall in.

      They are simple to use and alert you via a receiver in your home. (You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to see the manual. It is free at Adobe.com.)

    Have a fun and safe swimming season.

  • Yosemite National Park Backcountry Black Bears & Repellent Spray Pepper

    Black Bear ForSecuritySake.comOur Back Packing party was four adults and three teenagers. We learned much about Black Bears while camping in the back country Hetch Hetchy reservoir area of Yosemite National Park.

    After six hours of hiking up the mountain trail above the reservoir, we reached an area with supplied fire rings and wire cable lines strung between trees. We decided to camp there for our trip.

    Camping near us were four park rangers studying the design of some new bear proof containers.

    We knew we were in Black Bear country and we were prepared with our Bear Pepper Spray Repellant, but we learned a lot more from these rangers and our trip. The area we were staying in is the drop off point officials take Black Bears that were aggressive and a nuisance in the Yosemite National Park Valley.

    The rangers gave us some facts about Black Bears in the Yosemite National Park Area:

    Always keep food, makeup, and any sugar, or sweets out of your tent and parked car. Black Bears have torn into tents or cars when a smell of food or sweets is present. Instead always place your food in a bear proof container or hang it in line strung across two trees out of reach of bears.

    Never try to take food away from a Black Bear once he has it. They will protect their food.

    Black Bears will return to a point they have found food in the past.

    Never run from a Black Bear. Black Bears will normally stop a charge when you stand your ground and look as large as you can. If you run, they see this as a sign of weakness and may chase you down.

    Black Bears normally scare away with banging pots and pans or thrown rocks. Bear attacks are rare as long as you use common sense.

    Never get between a Black Bear and her Cub(s).

    Bears are smart; they will learn different techniques to get at your food. We learned this as we had Black Bears in camp every day and night we spent there.

    Here are two of our experiences with these bears:

    *We did not use our bear spray here because we wanted to see what the bear would do and we were never in any danger from the bear.

    We followed instructions and hung our food on a supplied line stretching between two trees. Some of us were in camp when in bright daylight, an adult Black Bear spotted our food.

    This bear climbed one tree where the food line was secured and tried several times to reach out and snag the food bag. The bag was out of reach and we thought the bear had given up.

    The bear then climbed the other tree where the line was stretched and tried again without success. We were sure at this point the bear would give up, but then the bear stood there under the food pacing back and forth, ignoring us. Then we realized just how smart and powerful these bears are.

    After a few minutes of pacing, the bear went to a young pine tree and began to push it from the trunk toward the food line. To our amazement, the bear was able to push the tree toward the food and climbed the tree, while keeping it bent toward the food bag. As the bear got close enough to reach the bag, it used one front paw to swipe the bag in the middle. And with that the Ripstop Nylon bag was in two pieces, the bottom full of food now on the ground.

    The Black Bear ran off with the food bag and did not spill a single piece. But we had one more thing to be amazed about with this bear.

    Knowing that it is bad news to mess with a bear with food, and armed with our Bear Pepper Spray, we waited an hour and followed the bear tracks. We walked only a couple hundred yards when we found the leftovers, and none of it was uneaten food.

    There on the ground was the empty Ripstop Nylon bag and twenty beef jerky plastic wrappers, all in a neat little pile. We will have a good time with this true story for many years to come.

    Simply put, Bear Pepper Spray is a good thing to have when those unexpected bear moments arise. You may never need it, but when you do need it, not having it could be tragic.

    One day of our camp out, our three teenagers just happened to get to close to two bear cubs that had wandered into camp. Momma bear was not yet in sight and while paying attention to these cubs, momma bear charged the boys.

    The boys did not stand their ground, but one of our adults with Bear Pepper Spray Repellent and another with banging pots and pans did. This Black Bear family did not return to our camp during our stay.

    Keep watch on our blog and you will see some more stories from our bear encounters.

  • Anti Theft Tips And Devices For A Cat Burglar Scam Coming To Your Area

    A Cat Burglar will not always hit at night and will not always look like a crook.

    Reports of a  Burglary Scam have been coming into police agencies all the way from the east coast to the west coast of the United States. These scam artists could come to your area soon.

    The scam is targeting older people and vary some depending on the circumstances. The scammers desired result is to get into the victim's home undetected and steal items easy to see and take.

    On one local case; two men (our suspects) exited a work truck and walked up to an older male ( our victim) working in his yard. They told the man they worked for the city and there was a problem with water pipes in the area. They said that they needed to check the pipes in his back yard and see if they could locate the problem.

    All three walked into the backyard and at some point were joined by the victim's wife.

    While discussing the (Fake) pipe problem, our Cat Burglar (one of the suspects) entered the house of the victim. While there, the crook took valuables from around the house.

    There are different versions of this going around and could be a criminal gang scam.

    So far up to four suspects drive around in a work truck until they see someone they choose as their victim. The victim could be working in their yard, or in their home. The suspects will contact the victim and pose as city, or utility company workers. They tell the victim that there is a cable, water pipe, or sewer problem and that they need to see connections in your home or back yard. (From here on we will call the victim "you".  While talking to you, other members of the group will search your home for items to steal.

    Some of these scammers flash badges and show paperwork. They will be very good at talking their talk and maneuvering their way into your home..

    Here are some anti theft tips to help with any type of scam artist that may come to your door:

    Don't let any stranger into your home for any reason without a prior appointment. Always keep your door locked and talk to strangers through the door without opening it. (Remember chains will not keep a suspect from kicking in a door).

    Tell them you are going to confirm with the city, or company they claim to be from, and keep the door locked. Use your phone book; do not call a number supplied by the stranger. If it is the real thing they won't have a problem with this. If they leave call the police (911) and report it. The police dispatcher will get the patrol units on their way and will ask some questions that will help officers as they respond.

    If you have contacted a company to come out to your home, confirm with the company who will be coming out to meet with you. Ask what they will be wearing, what their work vehicle looks like and their name. Some companies will even send you an email with a photo of the person that will contact you. Some other companies post a picture of their employees on their website.

    If you are talked into going outside, lock your door behind you. Even if the contact is legitimate, others watching for an opportunity to go into your home while your are distracted will take it.

    Buy diversion safes so you can hide valuables in plain sight. Diversion safes, also referred to as concealment devices are anti theft products made of, or made to look like common household items for the purpose of concealing valuables.  We have have a number of these here on our website.

    If the suspects force their way into your home to take money or property, co-operate by not fighting with them. Study what the suspects look like, weapons, clothing, etc. Don't offer information they don't ask for and as soon as they leave call 911. While waiting for the police, write down as much information as you can about how the suspect(s) looked, clothing, hair, hats, and the make and model of their vehicle.

    When officers arrive, answer their questions and show them where the suspects touched things, spit, cut themselves, or discarded property they brought with them.

    Remember to be safe out there.

  • Bike Month Is May 2011 Be Visible Using Safety Lights

    Welcome to Bike Month; May, 2011.  To help make it safer, please make sure that you can be seen by traffic.

    During my law enforcement career, I handled a large number of traffic accidents involving bicycles, some of them fatal. The two main causes were; the bicycle rider being unable to see in front of him and vehicle drivers being unable to see the bicyclest in time to stop. Most jurisdictions also require a white light to the front when riding a bicycle at night.

    Wear reflective clothing and use safety lights. Reflectors are great, but if the vehicle is backing or has no lights on, safety lights are the way to go.

    We have reviewed several safety light products that are super efficient and won't break the bank.

    First we took a look at our LED Bike Headlight:

    This powerful light measures 3 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. It has a black rubber front and a plastic body. The 3 LED high intensity light has low power draw and runs on two AA replaceable batteries (not included). The battery access door slides open from the top and has a rubber spring to hold it closed.

    The headlight includes a quick release mount that allows you to carry it as a flashlight and easily remove the light to provide anti theft security.

    There are two functions; steady on and flashing.  This LED light is brighter than the Halogen bicycle headlight we had previously offered and is also brighter than the five LED  Power Failure light we sell. It will be easier to see what is in front of you and vehicle drivers will be able to see you from up to a mile away.





    Our LED Bicycle Taillight:


    This 5 LED bicycle taillight measures 2 1/2 by 2 x 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches.  The 5 LED high intensity light has low power draw and runs on two AAA replacable batteries (not included). The case is molded plastic and the batteries are replaced by unclipping a lock to remove the light top. This light is so bright that when I looked directly into one of  the LEDs,  I saw ghost images like a camera flash.

    Each LED is angled and focused for one direction. Examples: Side, Center Back, and Mid Center Back. We took photos of the taillight in daylight with the camera aperature closed down. This showed the different focus points. You can see these photos here. We provided the side photo at this time for an example.

    The bicycle 5 LED taillight has two functions listed on the package, but when we tested one of them, it had several flash functions, including one that looked like a mini emergency vehicle light bar.



    The Micro two Safety Light Set:

     Each light has two functions; steady on and flashing. They have a single high intensity LED light rated for 100,000 hrs; one is red and one is white. They run on two CR2032 3v lithium batteries (included- the batteries are replaceable by using a precision Phillips screwdriver to remove three screws. Becareful though, these screws also hold the light parts together).  Each light has a bungee cord that allow them to be attached to a bicycle frame, seat post, or handlebar. We have also attached them to bicycle helmets, strollers, and tricycles. There are any number of things they can be attached to. We have included a photo of the set attached to a child's bike helmet.

     These are very cool lights and visible up to a mile away.

    Have a great bike month and remember your safety lights.

  • Stun Master Stun Guns And Myths

    Stun Master Stun Baton Stun Master Stun Baton

    Pictured at the start of this article is the Stun Master Stun Baton. Stun Master Stun Guns is a trusted brand with a number of models to choose from. Models we carry have Voltages from 100 thousand to over 4.5 million volts.

    The stun gun is an excelent self defense product choice and lately it has been seen on television more than other self defense products.

    In 2010, Hollywood appears to have embraced stun guns. Recently stun guns and Taser like non lethal products have been seen on TV shows using them as props in their plots:

    Several episodes of The Cape had a female character using  a stun gun for self defense while she investigated bad guys.

    An Episode of Chuck had the a group of bad girls use a Lipstick type stun gun on Chuck

    Law and Order had a female character using a double shot Taser type prop.

    An episode of CSI had two different Stun Guns types suspected in controlling women pretending to be cats.

    In a Hawaii Five-O episode, Ninja fighters use a stun gun prop to knock out Steve McGarrett while they were stealing his father's tool box.

    The important thing to remember in these shows is that they are fiction. While the stories in some shows may be based from real life, the effects are sometimes greatly exaggerated to enhance the experience for the audience.

    Watching these shows can give a stun gun user a false idea on how these self defense products work.

    Which leads us into stun gun myths:

    Myth: On TV, you may see a scene where an attacker is knocked unconscious by touching him with a stun gun. The story may continue when after the person shocked has been tied up and moved, he/she regains consciousness.

    In real life, the Stun Gun will put down an attacker when used correctly, but will not knock them unconscious. A one second contact to an attacker with the device will repel, startle and trigger muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed condition. Three or more seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control, mental bewilderment and severe disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several minutes and effects may well last for up to fifteen minutes.

    A stun gun works by electrically overwhelming an attacker's control of the skeletal  muscles. The pulses generated by stun guns are designed to incapacitate the person by electrically overwhelming his or her control of the skeletal  muscles.  A three to five second shock can incapacitate an attacker so you can get away and get help.

    Myth: You can cause a heart attack when you use a Stun Gun on an attacker.

    In real life researchers have said "stun gun pulses are designed to act only on skeletal muscles and to not affect internal organs such as the heart."

    Keeping in mind that depending on the heart health of a person and drug use, just the stimulation of a struggle can cause a heart attack or death. Stun guns cannot deliver the amount of energy required to stimulate the heart.

    Myth: You must touch the skin for a stun gun to work and you can shock yourself if you are touching an attacker while using a Stun Gun.

    In real life, stun gun electric pulses can travel through an inch or so of clothing as long as the stun gun leads are pressed against the attacker. The electrical pulses will not transfer through a body back to you.

    Myth: Stun guns will kill a person because of  the high voltage that they use.

    In real life stun guns are designed to use voltages up to 4,500,000 volts and will travel through an inch or more of clothing. The voltage is not what needs to be considered when thinking of death caused by electricity. High amperage is what can cause death and stun guns use only a small amount of milli-amps.

    Myth: Stun Guns are hard to use.

    In real life you don't need much training to use a stun gun. Most stun guns have a safety lock so it can't be accidently activated in your purse or other storage container. Deactivating the safety lock renders the product ready for use.  A simple push and hold of a button activates the stun gun. Practice activating the stun gun and you will be ready as adrenalin kicks in if you are attacked. Remember to hold the stun gun against the attacker for three to five seconds to disorient, confuse and knock him/her down. Have the stun gun ready and with you at all times when in a situation of any risk, and check the battery charge often.

    Myth: Stun Guns are illegal.

    In real life most states, counties, and cities allow stun guns. Refer to our Stun Gun Laws Tab above and contact your local area laws before you purchase a stun gun.

    After writing this article, an episode of NCIS LA aired showing SAM using a stun gun on a bar manager/bouncer attacking him. Sam held contact against the bouncer for several seconds, which knocked the bouncer to the floor. Afterward the bouncer got up, but was dazed and hurt. It looks like this show got it right.

    Now that you have information on stun guns, you can check our models to see which is best for you.

  • West Tennessee Home Invasion Kidnapping Updated

    Home Invasion Victim Holly-Bobo Home Invasion Victim Holly-Bobo

    * Updated 04-19-2011

    ** Updated 09-15-2014

    According to Nashville's CBS-TV affiliate WTVF NewsChannel5, the cousin of  country singer Whitney Duncan, was dragged from a carport, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It happened around 7:30 am, on Wednesday (April 13).

    The victim's brother witnessed a man dressed in camouflage, drag victim Holly Bobo from a carport to a wooded area near by.

    Holly was preparing to leave from her home in Darden, Tennessee, for a nursing class at the University of Tennessee Martin.

    Last night, Whitney made requests for prayers for Holly's safety on her Facebook page and Twitter account. There are so many posts, that friends have requested that posts be limited and not about faults of the media and people involved.

    Holly is 20 years old, 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.

    * The look for Holly is still ongoing and other than her lunchbox, investigators are not releasing much information about evidence located in the woods. Reports of blood stains located in the carport are being tested and nobody has been eliminated as a suspect.  A reward for Holly has reached $75,000.

    Investigators have asked, if you see Holly or anything suspicious to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.


    ** On September 8th, 2014, investigators confirmed that a Human skull located by two men near the last known home of Holly Bobo, was identified as her.  The remains were found Decatur County town of Parsons, Tennessee.

    Jason Autry has been arrested for Kidnapping and Murder.

    Two Brothers; Mark Pearcy and Jeffrey Kurt Pearcy have been arrested for tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact.

    All three arrestees have pled not guilty for the alleged crimes.

    See more here.



  • Home Invasion Anti Theft Tips

    ForSecuritySake.comNo matter where you live, how old you are, or how much wealth you have, there are people out there that want to rip you off. As baby boomers retire at younger ages each year, the chance of being at home when a criminal decides to strike are higher then ever before.

    Our last article covered Anti Theft Tips regarding the Cat Burglar. This article will go one step further and cover Home Invasion. Home Invasion is different from Burglary.

    The Cat Burglar wants to get into your home, commit a theft, and leave without being detected. In California, a Burglary is the intent to enter a building or locked car to commit a theft or any other felony.

    Home Invasion Suspect(s) barge in, and commit a Robbery. They are normally armed and may separate occupants of the home while looking for property to take.  In California, a Robbery is the taking of property by force or fear.

    It is usually best if armed suspects are in your home to let them take your property. Your life is at stake and property can be replaced.

    So what can you do to protect yourself from Home Invasion Robbery? Here are some tips:

    Follow tips in our prior article about Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips.

    Don't brag about property or vacation plans on social networking sites like, FaceBook or Twitter.

    Consider purchasing Diversion Safes to protect small valuables.

    Have a home alarm with dialer and panic button. Although you probably will not be allowed to call the police directly with these, you can pre program a range of numbers for the alarm to call. The person called can listen in through the hard wired phone line and call police.

    Develop a plan and discuss it with Family Members:

    Keep your doors Dead Bolt locked at all times. Never blindly open a door when you hear a knock or door bell. Use the peephole or window and remember even a person you know can be an attacker. Criminal street gang memberships are on the rise. I have seen members 12 years old and younger, so be aware of kids you don't know at your door also. Talk to the person through the door, or install an intercom system. Only open the door if you are sure it is safe.

    Don't open the door for salesmen or people holding a clipboard. This is a common way to gain your trust.

    Chain locks will NOT keep an attacker from pushing open the door. Try to have sold entry doors with a dead bolt.

    Have a code word, like ESCAPE, and have a pre-planned safe place to go. Have a set up safe room and include a close neighbor in on the plan. Use the neighbors home in case family members can not get to the safe room.

    In the case of a pre-planed safe room:

    There are professional rooms that can be built or you can set one up on your own.

    At least have a sold core or steel door with a dead bolt into a sold door frame. Include a peep hole, or camera that can be viewed from the Safe Room.

    Try to choose a room with no windows or hard to get into windows. (Remember barred windows can be hard to get out of in case of fire. If you choose bars, have the type that can be opened from the inside and test them often. Paint and rust can make openable window bars unusable)

    Try to have a hard wired phone, cell phone, and a computer with communication abilities in the room. You have to be able to call for help. (If you have an alarm with phone dialer, it will tie up the hard line phone when activated by the panic button.)

    Have emergency supplies for water, food, and first aid.

    Consider Self Defense:

    Have Self Defense weapons locked up and available in the safe room. I prefer non-Lethal types, like Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, or Taser over firearms. (You never really know who is coming down the hallway during the excitement. You don't want to kill a police officer, rescuer, or even a family member with a stray bullet).

    If you need to use the safe room:

    Call the police and stay in the room until the police tell you to come out. The dispatcher will ask for as much information as possible to help responding officers. Try to be calm and don't get discouraged. The police will be on their way while you are on the phone. If possible, many dispatchers will stay on the phone with you until the police arrive. You can confirm police presence through the dispatch center via phone call.

    We want you to be safe out there.

    Zeb Hammonds spent forty years in Law Enforcement that included Crime Scene Investigation, Photography and Videography. He served 30 years full time as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Street Sergeant. In the last 6 years of full time service he was also in charge of Technology Development within the Manteca, Police Department in California. Many of his stories are from personal experience. www.ForSecuritySake.com is a way to share these stories and to provide products that can help people be more secure and safer in their daily lives.

  • Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips

    The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas

    Updated 05-23-2016

    A prior article explained the real dangers of the  Cat Burglar. This article will touch on one of the many ongoing cases and more tips to help keep the Cat Burglar out of your home.

    Although this Cat Burglar was around in 2011, these type of crimes continue all over our country today.

    This case started on February 2nd, 2011, when reports started coming in about a Cat Burglar entering apartments in Davis, California. Since then, he had entered five different apartments while the victims were sleeping. His last reported victim woke up and watched him run out the front door of the apartment. He was described as thin and wearing dark clothing. He kept his arms free by using a Forehead type flashlight. There is little more information, because other than this one victim, the Cat Burglar has completed his crime without waking occupants and no other witnesses have come forward.

    Davis has a large number of college students from U.C. Davis and  it is not unusual to see students out at night. This case will probably continue until the Cat Burglar is either captured, arrested for an unrelated crime, or moves to a different community.

    Help keep the criminal out of your home by following these Cat Burglar anti theft tips:

    Remove plants and objects that someone can use for cover and be hidden from the street. These give a burglar extra time while working to enter your home.

    It is as important to keep your doors locked when you are home, as it is when you are away. Even if you are outside and close to the door, it only takes a few seconds for a Cat Burglar to sneak in.

    If you have windows open for fresh air, only have them open a few inches and install hardware to insure they can't be opened further. You often see pictures of burglars with a crow bar, because older sliding windows and doors are designed to be lifted out of the track if unlocked.

    If you have children on the ground floor, I don't recommend having their windows open or unlocked at all. (I also do NOT recommend window bars because of how hard it is to get out in the case of fire). Consider Baby monitors as a way to alert you to sudden noise in their rooms.

    Do not leave ladders out in the back yard. These can be used to access the second story of a house.

    Add  glass breakage, perimeter, and movement sensors to your home alarm system plan.

    Close open blinds, or drapes at night, because Cat Burglars like to watch their victims. Be aware that at night, when lights are on inside, anyone can see into your home as if they were watching TV.

    If you live alone, make it appear that you don't:

    Talk out loud as if you have a room mate. Make cell phone calls, instead of texting.

    Leave a talk radio station on in a back room with a light on a random timer.

    Before leaving your home, turn on your porch light and check your door peep hole to see if anyone is waiting outside.  A Cat Burglar can turn into an assailant in a moments notice. It doesn't have to be a stranger to be dangerous. A large percentage of sexual assault suspects are someone the victim knew.

    Think about locations you can hide Pepper Spray, Sun Guns, and Tasers. Keep them a secret and practice how to use them in an emergency.

    Live your life as you wish, but by being prepared will help ensure your security and safety.

    Zeb Hammonds spent forty years in Law Enforcement that included Crime Scene Investigation, Photography and Videography. He served 30 years full time as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Street Sergeant. In the last 6 years of full time service he was also in charge of Technology Development within the Manteca, Police Department in California. Many of his stories are from personal experience. www.ForSecuritySake.com is a way to share these stories and to provide products that can help people be more secure and safer in their daily lives.

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