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Pepper Spray

  • Serial Killers In Our Backyard



    In 1984 I was a detective investigating crimes against persons. By 1987, I was A Police Patrol Sergeant in in A San Joaquin County California city named Manteca. I can remember a number of missing person reports in between those years. While we receive missing person reports often, these suspicious ones were all from the San Joaquin County Valley, California and north county detectives had leads that pointed to murder of a few of them. Our area had a low crime rate and serial killers in our backyard were not the first thought that came to mind.

    Detectives focused on two suspects;  Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog. These two suspects were local boyhood friends and as they grew older became involved with drugs. As the investigation continued into 1999, evidenced showed they were into methamphetamine and when their murder arrests occurred, these two suspects were named by the media as the "Speed Freak killers". It is believed that the two friends went on a 20 year killing spree, with most of the victims coming from our backyard area (San Joaquin County California). These killers were able to talk victims (friends and strangers) into going with them willingly, never to be seen alive again.

    After some diligent detective work, these two killers were arrested and brought to trial. Both were convicted and received what was thought to be justice for once. Shermantine was sentenced to death and currently is in prison death row. Herzog received a 78 year sentence that was overturned by the court of appeals after he served fourteen years. In 2010 Herzog was released on parole and was living in a trailer outside of the prison gates in Lassen County, California.

    That didn't sit well with Shermantine who was now 45 years old. Shermantine blamed the killings on Herzog, with Shermantine admitting to help dispose of the bodies. He began to hint that he would rat out his friend by showing where some of the bodies were. A Sacramento, California bounty hunter offered Shermintine money reported to be between $15,000 and $30,000 to disclose body locations. The bounty hunter also contacted Herzog with that information. A few days later Herzog committed suicide, at the age of 46.

    February 2012, after some law enforcement bickering from the San Joaquin County Sherriff about jurisdiction issues, Shermantine drew maps that led to at least four different areas that he said bodies are located. So far remains have been found on former Shermintine family property, and a capped well in San Joaquin County. It is reported that these two serial killers could be responsible for more than 30 murders. As of February 15, 2012 the San Joaquin county sheriff has received more than 65 phone calls hoping they can find closure with the location of missing loved ones.

    This was shocking to all living in the area. No one wants to believe that a crime like this happen where they live. The fact is that these types of crimes have and do happen in the area you live in too. You just don't know about it. It has to be something special before the media picks it up for sure. My adult kids were in grammar school when these crimes above were happening. They only knew about it because of the current news about the bodies being located.

    We live in what I believe is the greatest country in the world. But don't be fooled that you or your family can't be a victim.

    Teach your kids about safety. Tell them about this case and they just might think that it can happen to them.

    Google Search Speed Freak Killers for more information.

    Show them this video from our local news station covering the search for bodies. http://youtu.be/F4M3i_Ds6dc

    You can't go through life in fear, but you can be prepared just in case. Learn how to defend yourself and carry a self defense product such as a personal alarm, or as adults, pepper spray, or if legal in your area, a stun gun . If you do have a situation, you have a better chance to survive if you can get away.

    We have a number of choices here on our site. Feel free to browse   and join our free Newsletter for more information. Our mission is to help you to be safer and more secure in your daily lives.



  • Pepper Spray For Protection In Stockton

    Smoking gun

    Updated 05-20-2016

    The city of Stockton, California is located in the San Joaquin Valley, about 90 minutes drive East of San Fransisco. With a population exceeding  302,000, the city is just emerging from bankruptcy. As a result they have had to lay off a number of police officers and firemen. You should carry Pepper Spray For Protection In Stockton!

    Every city that has had to lay off police officers will suffer a rise in crime because of it and the release of prison inmates due to recent law changes. But for it to happen in Stockton is like turning off bilge pumps when a boat is taking on water.

    In recent years violent crime has risen in alarming rates. In 2011, there was a record number of Homicides and being only in the third month of 2012, it is reported that Murders have doubled when compared with the same time period then the year prior.

    Do you feel safe in Stockton?

    Neighborhoodscout lists crime rates for cities in the U.S. and lists how safe a certain city is. As of the date of this writing update Stockton is listed as a 4 out of 100, with 100 being the safest. Stockton is safer than 4% of all cities in the United States, with residents having a 1 in 74 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

    This is a few years old now, but it still represents an issue for Residents in Stockton. Citizens are continuing their demand for a solution to the violence in their city. As a response after two deadly shootings in the same block in one week, the Stockton Police Department has started a program they call "Real Time Policing".  The program allows street level supervisors and officers to make decisions on the street, without having to first go through staff meetings and red tape.

    In the above mentioned shooting, Stockton police officers were checking a neighborhood for possible information regarding a Murder that happened on the street that same week. A subject contacted became uncooperative and shot one of the officers, who in turn was then shot and killed by another officer. Below is a press release video.


    Further investigation into the shooting preliminarily shows it to be the same gun involved in the earlier murder.

    Can you legally carry Pepper Spray in California?

    Yes. Pepper Spray, or tear gas in aerosol form up to 2.5 oz can be carried and used for self defense in California.

    Carry Pepper Spray For Protection in Stockton. You can learn more about Pepper Spray and choose your protection here.

    ForSecuritySake.com is dedicated to helping you to be safer and more secure in your daily lives.

  • Pepper Spray On A KeyRing Saved A Woman From Sexual Assault

    Pepper_Shot Spray

    WCNC.COM News covered a story from the Huntersville N.C. Police Department about how a bite and Pepper Spray on a keyring saved a woman from sexual assault.

    The woman was in her vehicle stopped at a stop sign when a man came out of nowhere. He reached into the woman's open window and dragged her out of her car.

    He then forced her into some bushes in the medin of the roadway.

    The woman fought back by first biting the suspect's hand which then allowed her to grab the pepper spray on her keyring.

    After the man was sprayed with the pepper spray he ran off.

    Police are still gathering information from possible witnesses.

    They credit the woman victim for fighting back and preventing a bad situation from getting worse.

    The suspect is described as being white, 45 to 55 years old with a beard and salt and pepper colored hair.

    ForSecuritySake.com carries a vast selection of Pepper Sprays and other self defense products designed to make your daily life a little safer.

    You can learn more about and see a selection of Pepper Sprays for car, person, and key ring here.

    Be safe out there! It can and does happen anywhere.

  • Non Lethal Weapons Are The Best Choice For Self Defense

    Smoking gunAfter a long law Enforcement career I have come to the decision that Non Lethal Weapons are the best choice for self defense and home protection.

    Things are not always what they seem to be. I have come across numerous situations where a lethal weapon, such as a firearm, has been detrimental instead of life saving.  I would like to share a few of these true stories with you.

    One involved a good friend of mine that was working at a open all night store and gas station. A place that we called "stop and rob" stores back then. As protection, my friend chose to take a snub nose 38 handgun to work with him.

    One night while he was attending the gas pumps, a man walked up to my friend with money in his hand to pay for just purchased fuel. Just as the man reached out to give my friend the money, he dropped it. As my friend reached down to pick it up, the man hit him over the head with a crow bar. My friend reached for his gun but could not take aim due to his injury. The man hit him again and took the gun from my friend. The man decided he wanted to keep the all the amunition in the gun and fled with some loot from the store. My friend ended up with a near fatal scull fracture and the man was later arrested and sent to prison.

    What could have worked better in this situation is OC Pepper Spray. The pepper spray could have been aimed and fired in a general direction of the attacker's face. The attacker would have been disoriented and blinded which may have saved my friend from the second blow of the crow bar.


    My second incident is about a parent living in a two story house. This parent's teenage daughter was asleep in a second story bedroom, a place that most people feel is safe from intruders from the outside.

    This parent could not sleep and was watching TV at 4 o'clock in the morning. He heard a noise on the roof of the house. It sounded like someone was walking up the roof. Knowing that there was an accessible window from that side of the roof, the parent went to his safe, opened it and loaded his single action Ruger 44 magnum. ( Clint Eastwood made the 44 magnum famous in the movie Dirty Harry  by declaring it the most powerful hand gun in the world). The parent took the gun upstairs and walked into his daughter's bedroom just as the intruder was making his way through her window.  The parent began to raise the gun to point it at the intruder and flinched, accidentally firing the cocked 44 magnum. The intruder was grazed in the head, knocking him out. He rolled off of the roof and landed in the home driveway.

    What at first looked like an averted attack, turned into an almost tragic incident instead. The intruder turned out to be a stepson that had gotten drunk and was attempting to sneek back into the house without waking a parent.

    What would have worked better here is a Taser. The Taser can shoot two darts that will stick to an attacker and shock for a period of thirty seconds, disrupting the ability of the attacker to control muscles. This can allow you to get family and yourself away and call for help. The Taser can also function as a stungun by pressing it against the attacker while delivering a shock.


    The third story is about a married couple where the husband worked the graveyard shift. The husband had purchased a handgun and had his wife promise to keep the handgun near her for protection.

    One night the husband became ill and went home sick. Not wanting to wake up his wife, the husband decided to sneek into the bedroom and slip into bed next to his wife. He was able to pull up the sheets before she shot him. Although not fatal, the marrage was not the same after that night.

    What would have worked better here would have been a Stun Master stun gun. A stun gun disrupts the muscle actions of an attacker and can cause confusion and muscle disfunction. This can allow you to get away and call for help.

    All three of these situations would have been better served by Non Leathal Weapons. They work as well in most situations and don't leave you in that life long dread of having taken a life, especially if it was by mistake.

    To learn more about non leathal products, visit us at www.ForSecuritySake.com




  • Pepper Spray OC A Good Self Defense Product

    Car Damage frontA good self defense product can be needed in every day life.   I remembered this again as I was looking at the FBI Crime Clock, a list of  statistics that  represents the annual ratio of crime to fixed time intervals.  That got me to thinking about incidents that have happened to me where I could have easily become one of those statistics. In each of those incidents, I was glad to know that I had a self defense product like OC pepper spray with me.

    The latest was an incident that happened just a few months ago. It was a case of road rage that just the sight of the pepper spray canister diffused. It is important here to remember that anyone can become an assailant.

    I was driving less than a mile from home and coming up on a red light. As I needed to slow to a stop, I happened to glance at my rear view mirror to see an older ratty looking car approaching me at a high rate of speed. As the car came closer, I realised that the car was going to hit me from the rear if I didn't take evasive action.

    I swerved off the road to my right as the car reached where I had just been. The ratty car then swerved left through a traffic lane and into the turn lane where it struck a car from behind.

    No one was seriously hurt in the collision, and as I dialed 911 I could see the Middle aged female driver angrily get out of her car. She started yelling obscenities at the young driver and passenger of the car see had just run into.

    I had responded to many calls like this before I retired from law enforcement, but since the fights are usually over with by the time we get there, it amazed me.

    Here was a lady that obviously was driving erratically and had caused this accident. Now she was yelling at a driver stopped at a traffic light because he was in her way. The young driver and passenger moved out the passenger door of his damaged car with this angry lady swinging a hard purse at him. He and his passenger started running around the two cars with the lady in chase as if they were playing musical chairs.

    I realized that the situation was out of control and I ran over to the still yelling and swinging out of control lady. I told the lady to calm down and while holding my OC Pepper Spray at her eye level. Like a light switch she, calmed down and sat on the curb. I never had to use the spray and I never had to touch her to calm her down.

    When the police arrived, I gave my story and left knowing that the situation could have been much worse if not for pepper spray.

    Be proactive and always have a way to defend yourself and your family.

    For information on what OC Pepper Spray is and how it works, please refer to our blog what is pepper spray and how does it work.

  • Date Rape UOP Stockton California

    * Updated 05-23-2016

    Crime Clock ForSecuritySake 72dpiIn 2011, the FBI crime statistics reported that a rape happens in this country every 6.0 minutes, update that to 2014 and the crime happens every 4.6 minutes. That doesn't include non-reported rapes or most date rapes.

    Date Rape: Over 50% of rape suspects are someone you know or date. It could be someone you meet at a party; a classmate;  an acquaintance you have known over the years; a family member, or any other person. No force has to be involved; if your impaired to the point where you can't consent (example: date rape drugs), or you say no to sex and without voluntary consent sexual contact occurs, you have been sexually assaulted.

    It can happen anywhere: At home; at a party; while walking on a college campus; in a car; at a friends apartment; in a park; on a trail. And these were just some of the local case locations reported to me during my career.

    One media covered case that you can read about here happened at University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton, California. This campus  is just 12 miles from here and was reported to be between the victim and Basketball players. The reported incident was part of a segment on 60 minutes. The CBS 60 Minutes report . One report was on Campus sexual assaults and  included interviews with representatives from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and the Women's Center of San Joaquin County. The report aired on CBS, in the Stockton area, on Sunday 04-17-11 at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time. 

    Protect yourself:

    Pepper Spray is one good way to protect yourself. It is inexpensive, and will work for up to 45 minutes. You can learn more about and purchase pepper spray here.

    Rape myths:

    It can't happen to me:

    Rapes happen to anyone, including infants to adults in their nineties

    She asked for it:

    Rape is not love; it is an assault. No one asks to be sexually assaulted, and it is not an excuse if the victim displays sugestive behaviour or wears tight fitting clothing. The suspect is responsible, not the victim.

    Most offenders are men of a different race or ethnicity:

    90% of rapes occur between people of the same race or ethnic group.

    Most rapes are by strangers at night and in out of the way places:

    About half of all rapes happen in the day time and by someone you know. I remember a case of girls that had been friends where the victim was stripped, hair shaved, raped, and had magic marker written on her entire body.

    Rapes only happen to women:

    Estimations by the FBI show that about 1 in 10 men are victims of rape.

    You can find some party tips to help protect you from sexual assault by reading our post:  Happy New Year Party Safety Tips

    Zeb Hammonds started his law enforcement career, because he wanted to help people be more safe and secure in their daily lives. Now in retirement after over 40 years of experience, he continues to help people with ZebPet Enterprises' ForSecuritySake.com. You can join our friends and neighbors by signing up for our FREE newsletter list. You will receive product stories, scam alerts, dumb crook stories, safety reports, and discounts for subscribers.

  • Black Bear Facts & Pepper Spray Repellent in The Lake Tahoe Area

    Everyone that has known us for awhile can tell you that our favorite places to be during the summer and fall are the Sierra Mountains. Yosemite National Park, Fallen Leaf Lake, and Lake Tahoe are some of our usual destinations. One thing these three places have in common is Black Bears.

    I would like pass on what Rangers have told me about Black Bears. I learned some of  this while camping with Rangers testing bear proof containers above Hetch Hetchy reservoir,  just outside Yosemite National Park, California. This area is where they took bears then that were causing problems in the Yosemite valley.  I have bear stories from that trip, but that is another blog . Other information came from the Lake Tahoe area Back Bear safety pamphlets.

    A bear’s prime motivation is food! Bears are attracted to easy meals, anywhere people prepare or leave food. If a bear doesn’t find food, it moves on.

    Black Bears are normally docile. When given a way to avoid conflict with people, bears usually take it. When they have food though, they will protect it and their cubs. Have a can of bear pepper spray repellent with you and ready to use, but only use it if the bear attacks.

    Black Bear attacks are rare. Even if a Black Bear charges, it will usually stop before reaching you as long as you give them space and are not between the bear and cub. An important thing to remember is not to run. 

    Bears are not vindictive and do not get mad when food is stored where they can’t get to it. They will stay around until they have run out of ideas though.

    Black bears are smart. They learn rapidly and know where they have found food in the past. When there is a smell of food, sweet drinks, makeup, or they have found food at a location before they will search for it. They can easily get into a tent and have been known to pry into cars, home window screens, and doors. 

    While camping, it is always best to store food in a bear box (found in developed campsites), or hung on a tree line or small limb out of reach of bears. And don't forget that garbage smells like food to a bear.

    People around you need to be educated. If you do all the right things and your neighbor does not, an attracted bear will look around you too.

    Black Bears climb trees when frightened. Treed bears will eventually come down if left alone, but may stay in the tree for several days.

    Black bears, not used to people, are normally like cattle.  They scare away easily with noise and thrown rocks. Never try to take back food a bear has found and never get between a mother bear and her cub(s).

    Just like people, when you think you know their habits, someone breaks the mold and does something different. It is the same for Black Bears. Black Bears in the Lake Tahoe area are used to people.  They will walk right into your camp looking for food and they are harder to scare away. See our post Purchase Bear Pepper Spray For Camping & Hiking for examples.

    Unfortunately, Lake Tahoe area Black Bears will come to your camp, people there or not. This is where they can be dangerous and un-informed people can get hurt.  If a bear comes into your camp and gets food, do not try to get it back.  Just like a dog, they will protect their food. They will also protect cubs, so give them space until they leave.

    Be safe out there and remember to purchase bear pepper spray repellent for camping and to use it only in defense of a bear attack.

    More true stories to come.

  • Hot Walkers Pepper Spray for Walking and Jogging

    Today men and women choose walking and Jogging as one way to achieve their fitness goals and to train. Many carry 1lb weights in their hands to assist them.

    It is well known that trails and parks designed for walking and jogging are also a place where rapists and thieves look for opportunities to attack you.

    As of December 2012 are updating this article to let you know that we have discontinued the Mace Hot Walkers. We left the article so you can see how they provided help for safety and health.  If you are lucky enough to find them, they are a good choice to help you be safe out there.

    Mace® Hot Walker lLB weights were specifically made for you. They had the aerobic weight you want to assist you while walking and jogging, but they also have your protection in mind.

    There are two weights that look and feel like normal aerobic hand weights. They have elastic hand straps and foam covered hand grips for comfort.

    One weight holds a built in 10% aerosol pepper spray that is easy to get to and use for self-defense. The package also has a free additional refill pepper spray cartridge.

    The other weight has a compartment to carry your keys and money.

    If you are attacked while carrying Hot Walkers, you already have your self-defense weapon in your hands. The pepper spray can stop your attacker cold and allow you to run away and get help.

    Be safe and carry some type of pepper Spray while walking and jogging for security sake.  You can find other Jogger and walker Pepper Spray by clicking here.

  • Pepper Spray is Legal in California

    In The United States, Pepper Spray has been chosen by almost all police agencies and security companies as an effective non-leathal weapon. It is used often to break up fights and to help protect officers from assault and suspects from lasting injury or death. 

    Many people want to and should carry pepper spray because it can help save them from injury and death during any kind of an assault, including sexual assault. Because it is non lethal, they know they will be less hesitatant to use it.  But is it legal in California?

    The California Penal Code defines OC and Pepper Spray as Tear Gas.  Anyone may purchase aerosol pepper spray in California up to 2.5 oz. Aerosol means it has to be in spray form. You can't shoot canisters, throw grenades, or spray large canisters of Tear Gas like you see police use to disperse crowds and evacuate barricaded suspects.

    There are some California restrictions to Pepper Spray as follows:

    If you have been convicted of a Felony, Assault, or misuse of  tear gas in any state, you cannot purchase or possess it.

    Minors cannot purchase or possess it. In California, your are an adult at age 18.

    No person shall furnish Pepper Spray to a minor.

    You cannot possess it if you are addicted to any narcotic drug.

    These weapons must be used solely for self-defense purposes.

    It is legal to carry Pepper Spray in California, as long as the net weight is 2.5 oz or less and is an aerosol form. It has been proven as an inexpensive and  effective defensive weapon and is easy to carry, conceal, and use.

    When will you purchase yours for security sake. 

    NOTE: Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states, however a number of cities and other states have restrictions on sizes, strengths, etc.. If you have a question, it is wise to check with your local city or state attorneys office. Defense sprays can only be purchased by those 18 years of age or older in California.

  • Buy Gel Pepper Spray For Personal Protection

     Like many of you, I watched and read the news about the tragedy that unfolded at a Town Hall type meeting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a Safeway store parking lot in Arizona. 21 year old Jared Loughner was among a crowd of people and allegedly opened up with a Glock 9mm handgun with a 30 round clip. Reports are that he randomly chose victims and the result was between 18 and 20 people wounded.

     Six people were killed, including a 9 year old girl, who was at the store parking lot to meet her representative- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

     I was surprised that that there was little or no real personal security protection for Giffords at the event. Apparently neither Giffords nor her staff carried any type of personal protection for security sake.

     There is a lot of history regarding violence toward elected officials. Even Congresswoman Giffords expressed concern to her husband  that this very type of incident could happen. Then why no security? 

     Witnesses and surviving victims to this tragedy seamed to have one thing in common: They felt helpless when the shots were fired and the only thing they could do is duck down with the hope that he wouldn’t shoot them.

    There was one exception interview of a witness that could have made the situation worse. The witness said he came walking up, realized what was happening, and began to pull out his own handgun. He decided against taking action because the suspect had already been forced down to the ground. What if he had arrived earlier and had pulled his gun to shoot at suspect- Jared Loughner?

    More people could have been injured because of stray bullets and depending on the ammunition type used, even accurate shots could have traveled through several people before the bullet energy was expended.

    What about non-lethal products such as gel pepper spray? In this case the meeting was in a public parking lot. If anyone standing within eight feet of Jared Loughner had carried gel pepper spray for personal protection, they could have sprayed him in the face. Gel pepper spray would have left him temporarily blind, immobile, in pain, and covered in dye for easy identification. This could have resulted in a lesser number of killed and/or wounded.

    Instead Jared Loughner was able to empty a 30 round clip of amunition. It was then that several heroic people reportedly took Loughner to the ground before he could reload.

    Of course these observations are reactive to an incident that has already happened, but what is wrong with being proactive?

    As a result of this incident, other people in politics have vowed to carry firearms to similar Town Hall type events. In my opinion this won’t help in any way. It takes about 2 seconds to react to an incident. Who is usually the first target? The politician.

    For security sake, trained protection security should be at these events and only they should carry firearms. They will have practice and know how to react in any given situation.

    I don’t understand why there isn’t adequate security at these events, but if trained government agents, or security is not going to be used in a given event, why not issue gel pepper spray to trained staff. It could save injuries and lives.  

    The general public may be restricted from carrying certain protection to meetings with government officials, but gun incidents where people are shot and killed happen every day. It just doesn’t happen to politicians often, so normally only local media  covers these events. Gel pepper spray for personal protection could save you from harm and might even save your life. When are you going buy yours for security sake?

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