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"Pool Safety"

  • Protect Your Kids From Your Swimming Pool With A Pool Alarm

    POOLALARM ForSecuritySake (4)fUpdated 03-27-2017

    This is a true story. The child involved in this tragic event was from my co-worker's immediate family.

    They thought they did all the right things. They checked out the licensed daycare home, saw that the swimming pool had a fence and a locked gate, but did not know that the toddler could get to the pool from a sliding glass door. They also did not know that drowning is the number one cause of accidental death of children ages one through four in California.

    The daycare owner knew her pool was safe, but what she didn't know is it only takes a few seconds to lose track of a toddler, especially when your distracted. So while on a five minute phone call, the toddler slipped through the open sliding glass door and fell into the pool.

    The pool had safety measures, but did not have a cover or pool alarm. The Daycare owner found the child in the pool, but it was too late.

    A pool alarm would have made the difference in this case, because it would have sounded an alarm inside the home that some one had fallen into the pool.ForSecuritySakepoolalarm

    Kids naturally gravitate to a pool. This photograph of my two year old grandson is not staged (We will call him Curious George).  We were eating during a  backyard party and the host's pool was closed for dinner. George had been caught five minutes before trying to get around the fence gate by opening it from the inside. After being warned not to attempt this, he left to get a drink and when he thought he could get away with it, here he is trying again. The gate would not open, but the point here is kids don't know danger and will try not to get caught.

    Before retirement, while working on Patrol, I received possible drowning in pool calls every year.  Your heart sinks even lower when the dispatch includes the word child. You think to yourself that if you can get there faster, this one my be saved. The lucky ones had parents or another person present that knew CPR, however in most calls this just was not the case.

    Please!, if you have a pool, know CPR. There should be clases put on by your local jurisdiction.

    Take all the steps you can to protect your children from your swimming pool with fences, covers, locks, and with a pool alarm. We offer one here at ForSecuritySake that works well for in ground pools and there are many others in pool stores and on the Internet.

    You can learn more about our Pool Alarm here 

    Please be safe out there!



  • Summer is Here and it is Time for Swimming Pool Alarm Safety


    Do you have a pool, or do you take your family to pools often? Are you ready in case of an emergency?

    In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years of age.  But, do you really need these statistics to convince you to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your child or grandchild?

    You can never be too safety minded when a swimming pool is involved.   A true story that happened to one of my co-workers drives this point home.

    My co-worker and his wife both had careers and sought out  experienced child care for their toddler. They chose a caregiver that worked from her home. She was licensed by the state, had been in business for a number of years with a spotless record, and had numerous references. This caregiver loved children and really enjoyed daycare.

    There was a swimming pool in the back yard that was fenced and locked. Although there was no cover or pool alarm, it was obvious that no child was going to be able to get to the swimming pool from the back yard.

    One day the caregiver received a phone call that took about five minutes and caused a distraction from the children. That five minutes gave the toddler a chance to go through an unlocked back room sliding door. That door lead directly to the swimming pool.

    There was a tragic end to this story. Not only was a child's life lost, but the marriage and life of my co-worker and caregiver were changed forever.

    I have responded to a number of swimming pool drownings during my career and there were always safety thoughts that could have made the difference. Summer is here and It is time for swimming pool alarm safety.

    Here are some safety tips:

    Learn CPR!  It is not hard to learn and you could save a life. It works, I have used it.

    Teach your kids how to swim. Check with your local public recreation department for classes.

    Always have sober adult supervision when there are children swimming or have access to the pool area. Kids of all ages take chances and forget to watch over a younger sibling.

    As an example; my 8 year old grandson saw a stunt on TV he should not have been watching. He then voiced a desire to do a back flip from the roof of his home. He said he had practiced it on the school playground and already had found a way to climb onto the roof.

    Have a phone with you at the pool to have in case of an emergency and to reduce the urge to go into the house if the phone rings.

    Have an approved  life saving device available to throw into the pool.

    Have your pool fenced in with a locked gate and add a pool cover when the pool is not in use.

    Never open a pool cover part way when swimming.

    Add a pool alarm for safety. They can alert you of waves in the pool if a child or pet were to fall in.

      They are simple to use and alert you via a receiver in your home. (You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to see the manual. It is free at Adobe.com.)

    Have a fun and safe swimming season.

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