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Rape prevention

  • Who Is Watching

    Phone Cameras ForSecuritySakeaHave you ever  talked to someone that is just a little paranoid about big brother watching us?  They will talk for hours about a chip camera that can see you from your TV set, drones that fly by, satellites, and black ops helicopters all watching your every move.

    It is a fact that we are being watched and recorded, but most of the photos and recordings being made today are not by the people you think of?

    If you drive down the road, shop in a mall or store, eat in a restaurant, drink in a bar, play in casino or a park, ride in an airplane, train, bus, taxi, or go to the movies, there is a good chance you are being watched and recorded on a camera system. So who is watching?

    It used to be that most recordings posted to the Internet were form systems designed to protect us from traffic collisions, burglary, robbery, and general street crimes. Due to the economy these systems are being expanded, to replace laid off employees that used to have the job of watching.  Often these photos and videos are still viewed at Law Enforcement agencies, TV stations and the home storage servers . Today there are many more reasons that photos and videos can be found on the Internet and they are of you and your family for anyone to see.

    Think about this growing threat to privacy and your security:

    According to World Telecommunications; as of 2011, it is estimated that there are close to 7 billion people in the world. One third of the population use the Internet and 45% of them are under the age of 25.  There are 6 billion mobile-cellular subscriptions and almost 1.2 billion have mobile broadband subscriptions that give wireless Internet anywhere cellular towers support it.

    Lyra Research lists; as of 2010, it is estimated that there will be more than 1.5 billion camera phones in circulation. Today's versions of these phones take high quality pictures and high definition video. Camera phone users have instant access to these devices to photograph and record anything they want.

    Many of the photos from these are uploaded to social networking, TV stations, blogs, and other Internet storage sites. A reported FaceBook engineer wrote on Quora.com; that there are over 200 million photographs uploaded to FaceBook every day, or 6 billion a month.

    Videos are also uploaded to social networking sites, TV stations blogs and other Internet storage sites. According to Yahoo answers; as of 2009 there were about 200,000 videos uploaded to YouTube every day. It would take 600 years to watch all of the video on site at the time.

    Do you use one of these social networking sites to share your personal information and do you have photos or videos that connect to your information?  Try running your name in a Google Search and use photo in the search term. Even though security is turned on, many times a profile photo will show up in the search. Friends and friends of friends may show up also.

    4G cellular service is now the norm and faster service is on the horizon. With these faster services, the big advertisements of camera phones today are the ability to stream movies and to stream photos and videos live! You can already see it work on local TV news when you hear phone quality sound of the reporter with jumpy hand held video. You will start to see more live events on TV stations being streamed form someone that just happens to be there at the time.

    Can big brother use these images, videos and information. The answer is yes and no. There are rules of law that have to do with expectation of privacy; meaning the general public would feel that they are in an area of expected privacy. But since society now allows and expects to carry and use camera phones anywhere, what happens to our expectation of privacy?  Only the courts will be able to figure that out in the years to come. My bet is that right now the answer in most cases is yes and privacy expectation will slowly diminish as we get even more comfortable watching each other.

    Can crooks and predators use the information. It is reported everyday that they do.

    So what do you do to protect your family and yourself For Security Sake?

    Limit the information you give out on the Internet and social networks. If you or a friend puts it out there, it will be seen and possibly used.

    Join our news letter to receive information on products that can help you with protection and safety.

    And remember everything you do in a place where there are other people has the likelihood of being recorded. Someone holding a cell phone pointed in your direction does not always mean they are texting.


    Be safe out there!







  • Carry Mace® Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel with UV dye

    Night defender Held lightForSecuritySake Mace night defender 72dpi ForSecuritySake

    Updated 05-20-2016

    Why carry Mace® Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel with UV dye ?


    Have you heard this line, or one like it before? “Young people think they are invincible, so nothing bad can happen to them”.  I have heard it in various ways, but I have said it too.


    Since the age of 14 years old, I have seen first hand what can and does happen to people at any age and at any time. That is the age I joined the police cadets and for the next 40 plus years I have gained much experience on the subject.


    So after retirement, I decided to continue my efforts to help people be a little safer and more secure in their daily lives.


    The most unsafe time to walk alone is at night, because this is the time when a large number of people have spare time. They are off work, out of school, and are out looking for fun. While there are all kinds of things to do, many will stop for a drink on the way home and still some others take drugs for whatever reason they can think of. The result of this is people do things at night that most would not do in the daytime. So it is a time when we don't want to be alone, however it is not always possible due to circumstances.


    Don’t have that “it can’t happen to me attitude”. Learn self defense and carry some type of self defense protection. One great product I have found will help you to be safer at night is The Mace® Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel with UV dye


    It is an innovative Gel Pepper Spray product so unique that it is patented.

    With a built-in bright LED Light (33 lux at 1m). The light activates when the cap is lifted. When you hold the unit in the ready position, with your thumb or finger placed on the actuator the light illuminates the area. The LED light also helps to blind an attacker while it gives you an idea where your Pepper Spray is aimed.


    Since the spray is a Gel, instead of a liquid spray, it will spray farther and will stick on contact.


    The mixed in UV dye formula can be used by Law Enforcement to help identify the attacker at a later time.


    This model is great for indoors or outdoors at night, or areas with low-light. It contains 45 grams and sprays up to 10 to 20 short bursts with an effective range of up to 18 feet.
    Batteries for the LED light are included and replaceable.


    Dimensions 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/4"


    Below is a very short video we found that shows the size of this product and how to activate the LED light.


  • Pepper Spray On A KeyRing Saved A Woman From Sexual Assault

    Pepper_Shot Spray

    WCNC.COM News covered a story from the Huntersville N.C. Police Department about how a bite and Pepper Spray on a keyring saved a woman from sexual assault.

    The woman was in her vehicle stopped at a stop sign when a man came out of nowhere. He reached into the woman's open window and dragged her out of her car.

    He then forced her into some bushes in the medin of the roadway.

    The woman fought back by first biting the suspect's hand which then allowed her to grab the pepper spray on her keyring.

    After the man was sprayed with the pepper spray he ran off.

    Police are still gathering information from possible witnesses.

    They credit the woman victim for fighting back and preventing a bad situation from getting worse.

    The suspect is described as being white, 45 to 55 years old with a beard and salt and pepper colored hair.

    ForSecuritySake.com carries a vast selection of Pepper Sprays and other self defense products designed to make your daily life a little safer.

    You can learn more about and see a selection of Pepper Sprays for car, person, and key ring here.

    Be safe out there! It can and does happen anywhere.

  • Prepare For Self Defense With Non Lethal Weapons

    I joined the Boy Scouts at the age of 10 and I first learned about the Scout motto Be Prepared at that time. At the age of 14 I switched to Police Cadet Explorer, which turned into a life long career. That motto has stuck with me throughout my life. I believe that it is a fact that between my Guardian angle and following that Scout motto, I have been saved from great bodily harm more than I care to talk with my family about.  


    A California police officer must prepare for self defense and carries a number of products on his body and duty belt that would rival some cartoon super heroes.

    A uniform tells his co workers who he is in a given situation.

    A bullet proof vest provides protection from gun shots and other weapons.

    At least one pair of handcuffs to keep suspects under control.

    Up to three or more non lethal weapons to help bring a suspect under control and to protect the officer when it is needed.

    These include:

    A can of Pepper spray

    A baton

    A Taser or stun gun

    A handgun with 12 to 18 rounds of preloaded ammunition, when lethal force is necessary

    Extra ammunition

    And fast becoming a needed product; some type of video device to record incidents with sound


    In addition to these always carried products, some special and dedicated officers have a trained  K9 or (Police Dog) to help find and disable suspects and to find evidence.  

    Police officers train all the time to use these products and K9s, so they will be ready when they are needed. (Notice that there is a when, not an if in the above sentence.)


    Today when you watch the news, or read the paper, you will notice that the number of police officers on the street have been cut by large amounts, due to the economy. The latest in my area is Isleton , California; because the city could not pay their State Comp insurance bill, the policy was canceled and the police department closed down. The already strapped Sacramento County Sheriff Department had to take over emergency calls, but the sheriff advised that his department would not take routine calls for service.


    Now that I am retired, I see the continued need to be prepared for myself. We still have law enforcement, but they will not be able to get to us as fast. Even when police departments have a full staff, the majority of police officers arrive at emergency calls for service after the incident is over.


    So we need to protect ourselves. I still prefer to prepare for self defense with a non lethal Pepper Spray and a Taser stun gun. Why not a handgun?

    A handgun carries with it a number of risks that you may not think of:


    First you must train and train often to be sure that you know how to use it, if it is ever needed.

    It must be cleaned and oiled often to keep it operational.

    And here are a few questions that you must ask:

    Is it legal for me to carry it?

    Do you know how to load it?

    Where is the safety?

    How do you aim it?

    What happens to the bullet if the gun is fired and the target is missed? For starters; It can go through a car door and out the second door and if fired inside the home, several walls and / or family members.

    On top of those, you have to ask yourself this important Question: Can my kids get to it. In most cases the answer to that question is yes.

    Do you think a handgun is safe under your pillow, or on the top shelf of a closet? Think again. Kids are smart and quick.

    A recent tragic incident in the Sacramento California area happened to a decorated Sheriff Deputy. He was in his garage cleaning his handgun(s). He finished and loaded one and placed it back on his cleaning table. He turned to get something and his five year old daughter quickly picked it up and shot herself by accident. She died almost instantly.


    Non Lethal weapons still need to be maintained and there are some restrictions you need to know about.

    Those with batteries need to be checked for power.

    Pepper Spray needs to be replaced after four years because of possible leaks and loss of propellant pressure.

    But when you prepare for self defense with non lethal weapons the chance for tragedies like the one above are nil. 


    Our mission at www.ForSecuritySake.com is to help you and your families live safer and more secure in your daily lives. Visit our site here for information on Stun Gun and Pepper Spray laws.  We try to keep this list updated, but to be sure you should check your local laws.


    For more information on why Non Lethal weapons are the best choice for you to prepare for Self Defense with non lethal weapons, read my blog post Non Lethal Weapons Are The Best Choice For Self Defense .


  • Steering Wheel Alarms Help Protect Your Entire Car

    Picture1It is shopping time. Our mission at ForSecuritySake is to help people go about their daily lives in a safer way, by providing helpful information and products. Today we would like tell you about how portable inexpensive Steering Wheel Alarms help protect your entire car.

    Last year the FBI reported that there was a Burglary every 18.2 seconds and there was an auto theft every 45.7 seconds.  Those statistics are for the year 2014 and as we get closer to Christmas, or other national gift giving time, your chances of becoming a victim rises. We can blame politics, the economy, or high unemployment, but the fact is that theft of gifts from vehicles is high again this year.

    In 2011, the crime of Auto Burglary has increased so much that our police department has erected signs at the entrance of shopping mall parking lots. Those signs warn shoppers to lock their vehicles and not to leave packages in the visible areas.

    In most cases a thief looks for an easy to enter vehicle that has the most to offer for the risk. Lets look at two SUVs parked side by side in a packed mall parking lot.

    One SUV is packed with visible gifts, has the windows cracked open, and has no active alarm system.

    The other SUV has closed tented rear windows, locked doors,  and a visible portable steering wheel alarm.

    The thief is going to look even harder at the first vehicle as a target. As with the second vehicle, the way to reduce your risk is to make your vehicle look like a harder target than other cars near you.

    The fact is that many thieves think differently then an honest person. During my Law Enforcement career, I have interviewed many suspects and I would like to tell you about one of them.

    A woman had been shopping and while unloading her car at home, she left her purse and some packages on top of her car. She walked into her house and was back out to her car within a minute. When she came back out, she noticed her purse and packages were gone and saw a car pulling away from the home next door.

    I was able to locate and arrest the suspect, an ex-con, within a couple of blocks. During the interview he was eager to tell me his side as he had done nothing wrong. He said that when someone leaves their property on top of their car, he has the right to take it because the owner is inviting him to. He said they are willingly giving the property away. Nothing I said to this man could change his mind.

    In 40 years of my Law Enforcement experience, the right to take it,  or the common " I don't know why I did it", were the two most common excuses a suspect gave for a theft.

    A Steering Wheel Alarm will help protect your property and your car from thieves like the one I interviewed above. If you protect your property to the point that the alarm is what is seen first, there is a great chance that the thief will move to another target.

    Here are a few other shopping tips.

    It is better to shop at an area that is well lit at night, has parking lot security, and doesn't have a on ramp to a major freeway near the parking lot entrance.

    Pay attention to what is going on as you pull into a parking lot and continue to look around until you get into the store. When you come out with packages, look again to see who is still there and if there is a help out service have them walk you to your car.

    Shopping days often brings the need to take purchases to your vehicle and go on to the next store. If your car has a trunk, place your packages there. If not place the packages in an area that is hard to see. Cover them up with something like  an old blanket. Activate that alarm!

    Carry a self defense product like a Taser, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, or personal alarm. Have it ready to use as you walk to your transportation.

    If you have an alarm system you need to activate it when you are away from your vehicle. Our Portable inexpensive Steering wheel alarms help protect your entire car and have warning lights that blink. This will make the thief  think twice before choosing your car to break into. These alarms are easy to use, can be attached in less than a minute, and have remote control activation and disarm functions.

    Our main goal today is for you to be safe out there during all of your shopping days!

    Have a safe and happy shopping experience.


  • The Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun Video


    People that are looking for a stun gun for protection can find them in Internet stores like ForSecuritySake.com, but they really can't find them in many brick and mortar stores. What they really want, is to pick them up and see how they feel and work, so an informed decision can be made. It is hard to do that from one photograph and a small description of the product on most web sites.

    As an example: The photograph of the upgraded Stun Master multi function stun gun look huge. In reality it easily fits into any adult hand. (You will see this in the video below). 05-21-16: The upgraded model now has a better grip and louder siren 130 decibels.

    Since we really can't push one through your computer or phone screen, we are going to do the next best thing. We are going to make videos of our different product models and post them here on our blog.

    Our first video is for the Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. This model has an LED Flashlight for everyday use and has other functions for protection, such as a 110 dbs alarm ( Now upgraded to 130 dbs ), flashing red lights and the 4.5 million volt stun gun. A safety wrist rip cord attaches to the bottom of the stun gun and disarms it in the event it is ripped from your hand. A Nylon holster with a belt loop is also included, so it is easy to carry.

    In the following video, we give you a what if story where this stun gun can be used as an everyday flashlight and a situation where the stun gun could be needed for protection. The video is about 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

    If you like this video, we would invite your comment on it at the bottom of this page.

    After you view the video, we invite you to our web page for this stun gun by clicking on the following link Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. You may need to click show all content to see the video if a message pops up with showing only secure content. There you will be able to study this product by seeing other photographs, product description, and you can review this video from there again.

    While on our web page, we invite you to join our family and friends by subscribing to our news letter at the bottom right of any of our web pages. We will send you email information on, new Videos we post, Product Stories, Scams, Stupid Crook Stories, and Discounts on our products. You will receive your first discount just by signing up. We never sell or share your information and all we ask you to give us to sign up is your email address.

    Enjoy the video and be safe out there.




  • Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips

    The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas The Cat Burglar Used with Permission by Will Bullas

    Updated 05-23-2016

    A prior article explained the real dangers of the  Cat Burglar. This article will touch on one of the many ongoing cases and more tips to help keep the Cat Burglar out of your home.

    Although this Cat Burglar was around in 2011, these type of crimes continue all over our country today.

    This case started on February 2nd, 2011, when reports started coming in about a Cat Burglar entering apartments in Davis, California. Since then, he had entered five different apartments while the victims were sleeping. His last reported victim woke up and watched him run out the front door of the apartment. He was described as thin and wearing dark clothing. He kept his arms free by using a Forehead type flashlight. There is little more information, because other than this one victim, the Cat Burglar has completed his crime without waking occupants and no other witnesses have come forward.

    Davis has a large number of college students from U.C. Davis and  it is not unusual to see students out at night. This case will probably continue until the Cat Burglar is either captured, arrested for an unrelated crime, or moves to a different community.

    Help keep the criminal out of your home by following these Cat Burglar anti theft tips:

    Remove plants and objects that someone can use for cover and be hidden from the street. These give a burglar extra time while working to enter your home.

    It is as important to keep your doors locked when you are home, as it is when you are away. Even if you are outside and close to the door, it only takes a few seconds for a Cat Burglar to sneak in.

    If you have windows open for fresh air, only have them open a few inches and install hardware to insure they can't be opened further. You often see pictures of burglars with a crow bar, because older sliding windows and doors are designed to be lifted out of the track if unlocked.

    If you have children on the ground floor, I don't recommend having their windows open or unlocked at all. (I also do NOT recommend window bars because of how hard it is to get out in the case of fire). Consider Baby monitors as a way to alert you to sudden noise in their rooms.

    Do not leave ladders out in the back yard. These can be used to access the second story of a house.

    Add  glass breakage, perimeter, and movement sensors to your home alarm system plan.

    Close open blinds, or drapes at night, because Cat Burglars like to watch their victims. Be aware that at night, when lights are on inside, anyone can see into your home as if they were watching TV.

    If you live alone, make it appear that you don't:

    Talk out loud as if you have a room mate. Make cell phone calls, instead of texting.

    Leave a talk radio station on in a back room with a light on a random timer.

    Before leaving your home, turn on your porch light and check your door peep hole to see if anyone is waiting outside.  A Cat Burglar can turn into an assailant in a moments notice. It doesn't have to be a stranger to be dangerous. A large percentage of sexual assault suspects are someone the victim knew.

    Think about locations you can hide Pepper Spray, Sun Guns, and Tasers. Keep them a secret and practice how to use them in an emergency.

    Live your life as you wish, but by being prepared will help ensure your security and safety.

    Zeb Hammonds spent forty years in Law Enforcement that included Crime Scene Investigation, Photography and Videography. He served 30 years full time as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Street Sergeant. In the last 6 years of full time service he was also in charge of Technology Development within the Manteca, Police Department in California. Many of his stories are from personal experience. www.ForSecuritySake.com is a way to share these stories and to provide products that can help people be more secure and safer in their daily lives.

  • Date Rape Protection and Evidence UOP

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou don't need to be forced to have sex for it to be rape. Date Rape can be emotionally coerced with threats, name calling, too much alcohol, and or drugs. It is the most common form of Rape.

    Many Date Rapes are planned. The use of Date Rape drugs is one way a rapist plans an attack.

    You may hear Date Rape Drugs called, Rohypnol, GHB, ActiveSex, Rope, Rib, R-2, Roofies, Roche, Ruffies, and Liquid Persuasion. These drugs are difficult to detect when mixed with drinks or other drugs. They are odorless and tasteless.

    At Parties or gatherings:

    1. Never drink from a glass or open bottle you have left unattended for even a second. It takes a blink of an eye to drop powder or liquid into a drink.

    2. Never accept drinks from strangers even if a waiter delivers it from the stranger

    3. Open cans or bottles of drink yourself and listen to that rush sound when it opens. Discard anything that doesn't.

    4. Punch bowls are often spiked with drugs. Never accept drinks from one.

    5. If you order a drink from the bar, always take yours directly from the bartender

    6. If possible drink from a bottle, because  it's harder to drop a drug into a bottle than an open glass

    7. Don't go to bars and clubs by yourself - always go with a trusted friend

    8. If you feel drunk after just one alcoholic drink, you may have been drugged. Seek help from a trusted friend, if possible one you pre-planned to come with.

    9. If possible always have one designated non drinker when you go out; if not have Taxi money and use it.

    10. Never share some-one's drink. It is a known way to get a victim to drink a drugged drink.

    11. If you think you have been targeted, leave with your friends and have your planned self defense, such as Pepper Spray, Ready to use.

    Other Places:

    1. Avoid secluded places, even your own, or partners room until you trust your partner

    2. If you are with someone and you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, your instincts are kicking in. Listen to them, make an excuse and leave.

    3. If you walk, jog, go to the movies, or any other activity try to go with trusted friends.

    4. Always have your self defense in mind. Have your Pepper Spray ready to use.

    When any kind of rape does occur, any evidence that can be preserved is a better chance to convict a rapist. Once a rapist gets away with it, he/ she will do it again. What you as a victim can do to help stop it:

    1. If your a victim of rape and you are injured, get to a hospital emergency room. Most Hospitals have staff trained specifically to help and treat victims of this type of crime.

    2. Notify the police. Don't change clothes, wash up externally or internally, smoke, eat, or drink. If you must drink, try to use a straw and only drink water. Saliva, semen, sweat, blood, or other trace evidence can help positivly identify the suspect and /or prove the crime.

    3. Try not to go to the bathroom until a urine sample can be taken. Drug metabolites can be found by toxicologists for evidence.

    4. Write down as much information as you can, as soon as you can and while your memory is fresh. Try to do this before you talk to friends about what happened, because you may forget to repeat small details to the police.  In police work we try to write down who,  what, when, where, why, and how.  As examples: try to remember suspect(s) description; race, clothing, facial hair, glasses, scars, tattoos, and weapon (if there is one);  location, day or night, vehicle description-make- model- license number; and any other detail you remember leading up to and after the rape happened.

    5.  Call a trusted friend or family member to come and be with you for emotional support. Tell them what happened after you write it down. Have them bring a change of clothing, including under wear, because the clothing you are wearing will be collected as evidence.

    6. Rape is an assault and you are the victim. Don't let a rapist let you feel otherwise.

    For more information, read our post that includes Rape Myths 

    Zeb Hammonds started his law enforcement career, because he wanted to help people be more safe and secure in their daily lives. Now in retirement after over 40 years of experience, he continues to help people with ZebPet Enterprises' ForSecuritySake.com. You can join our friends and neighbors by signing up for our FREE newsletter list. You will receive product stories, scam alerts, dumb crook stories, safety reports, and discounts for subscribers.

  • Date Rape UOP Stockton California

    * Updated 05-23-2016

    Crime Clock ForSecuritySake 72dpiIn 2011, the FBI crime statistics reported that a rape happens in this country every 6.0 minutes, update that to 2014 and the crime happens every 4.6 minutes. That doesn't include non-reported rapes or most date rapes.

    Date Rape: Over 50% of rape suspects are someone you know or date. It could be someone you meet at a party; a classmate;  an acquaintance you have known over the years; a family member, or any other person. No force has to be involved; if your impaired to the point where you can't consent (example: date rape drugs), or you say no to sex and without voluntary consent sexual contact occurs, you have been sexually assaulted.

    It can happen anywhere: At home; at a party; while walking on a college campus; in a car; at a friends apartment; in a park; on a trail. And these were just some of the local case locations reported to me during my career.

    One media covered case that you can read about here happened at University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton, California. This campus  is just 12 miles from here and was reported to be between the victim and Basketball players. The reported incident was part of a segment on 60 minutes. The CBS 60 Minutes report . One report was on Campus sexual assaults and  included interviews with representatives from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and the Women's Center of San Joaquin County. The report aired on CBS, in the Stockton area, on Sunday 04-17-11 at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time. 

    Protect yourself:

    Pepper Spray is one good way to protect yourself. It is inexpensive, and will work for up to 45 minutes. You can learn more about and purchase pepper spray here.

    Rape myths:

    It can't happen to me:

    Rapes happen to anyone, including infants to adults in their nineties

    She asked for it:

    Rape is not love; it is an assault. No one asks to be sexually assaulted, and it is not an excuse if the victim displays sugestive behaviour or wears tight fitting clothing. The suspect is responsible, not the victim.

    Most offenders are men of a different race or ethnicity:

    90% of rapes occur between people of the same race or ethnic group.

    Most rapes are by strangers at night and in out of the way places:

    About half of all rapes happen in the day time and by someone you know. I remember a case of girls that had been friends where the victim was stripped, hair shaved, raped, and had magic marker written on her entire body.

    Rapes only happen to women:

    Estimations by the FBI show that about 1 in 10 men are victims of rape.

    You can find some party tips to help protect you from sexual assault by reading our post:  Happy New Year Party Safety Tips

    Zeb Hammonds started his law enforcement career, because he wanted to help people be more safe and secure in their daily lives. Now in retirement after over 40 years of experience, he continues to help people with ZebPet Enterprises' ForSecuritySake.com. You can join our friends and neighbors by signing up for our FREE newsletter list. You will receive product stories, scam alerts, dumb crook stories, safety reports, and discounts for subscribers.

  • Happy New Year Party Safety Tips

    Welcome to the party day of the new year. We would like to offer you the following tips to help keep you safe and happy beyond the party.

    Usually when you talk about party tips, the first thing that comes to mind is drunk driving. I would like to remind you of that and as you read on, a second sometimes overlooked party safety subject.

    The message is simple really. Don't drink and drive and don't ride with a driver that has been drinking.

    Be sure to go to parties with friends you trust. Remember to choose who is going to be the designated driver before you leave for the party.   

    At times the person that says he/she will be the designated driver will drink too much. Remember a person does not necessarily look drunk when impaired. Don't let them talk you into leaving with them if you suspect the slightest buzz.             
    It is usually presumed that your body can metabolize, at most, an ounce of alcohol an hour, but your impairment can depend on your size and other factors, such as prescription drugs.   
    If you miss, or decline your ride home, there are service clubs or bars that offer free rides. In my area it is sometimes a tow truck company, but this year it is offered by one of our local funeral homes. Would you rather arrive home alive, or have them handle a  funeral because of an alcohol related crash?
    If the party is at your house, you are responsible for your guests.  Have space setup for overnighters. Collect keys at the beginning of the party and do not give them back if impairment is suspected.
    Personal safety is sometimes overlooked at parties. This is a higher date rape and assault time; another reason to go to parties with trusted friends.
    Friends can watch over each other and their drinks. Never accept an open drink from a stranger. Try not to leave an open drink out of your sight when it is easy for something to be added to it.
    Never leave a party alone with someone you don't know, because the chance of assault is high. If you have to walk somewhere away from your friends, carry pepper spray in your hand and know how to use it. We have models that look like lipstick and one that is contained in a ring, so no one will know you have it in your hand.                   
    You have probably heard that life imitates one thing or another, or the opposite.  Think about the current television shows and movies. Many episode plots are taken from real life. And you can be sure that if it is on television or the movies, it will happen in real life, because someone will see if it can be done better.
     Be careful and arrive safe and well at home.
    It is to your great advantage to protect yourself, your friends, and your property. We at ZebPet Enterprise's www.ForSecuritySake.com dedicate our website to help protect you and your property. Please join our FREE mailing list newsletter by using the box to the left of this article, or at our home page. You will receive more great tips, product discounts, dumb criminal stories, and news. We never sell or give away your email information.  You can review our privacy policy here.

    Have a great holiday season and be Safe out there!

    Zeb Hammonds

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