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Security While Traveling

  • WildFire Defensible Space Safety And a Great Knife

    Angora fire from Pope Beach Angora fire from Pope Beach

    Defensible space is a term used by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It is the yard space around your home that must be cleared of flammable vegetation to reduce the chance that a wildfire will destroy your home.


    By law, in California, you must clear an area 30 feet from your home of surrounding flammable vegetation. This includes keeping tree limbs 10 feet from a home chimney and adding a less than 1/2 inch mesh screen over the chimney.

    You must also reduce flammable vegetation an additional 70 feet surrounding your home.  This includes:


    Trimming tree limbs from the ground to keep the fire from climbing a vertical ladder into the tree.


    Removing plants from under trees.


    Spacing plants vertically and horizontally to help keep fire from jumping from one to the other.


    Remove all needles from your roof and gutter.


    You can download a pdf of the requirements at Cal Fires Website. These requirements are for California, but the tips apply anywhere. Check your local laws for your area's requirements.


    We were trapped by a Wildfire fire in 2007. The fire was called the Angora Fire and happened in tha area of South Lake Tahoe, California. We were camping and had just a few minutes to evacuate our fifth wheel trailer from our campground. We happened to have a great knife with us that helped us cut tie lines and reduce the amount of time it took to move out. We were able to move, but could not get out of the area. We had to spend the night at Pope Beach and watch the fire progress toward us. You can read about that story by clicking A good folding knife can save you.


    This type of fire can happen in any area that has grass, trees and homes. Many people lost their homes in this fire and when we last checked in 2014, many of the homes were still in various stages of rebuilding.


    Don't be a victim of wild fire.  Have defensible space.


  • Alex Trebek Hotel Room Invasion & Anti Theft Tips

    By now you have probably seen or heard a news report about Alex Trebek's hotel room being burglarized in 2011 while he and his wife were asleep in the bedroom. But for those who have not; he awoke to find  a woman in his hotel room stealing items from him.  Mr. Trebek chased the woman and in the process his Achilles tendon ruptured. The woman was captured shortly after the theft and most of the property was returned.

    This type of invasion Burglary happens often and if it can happen in a 5 star San Francisco Hotel Suite, it can happen anywhere. Here are some tips and products to help keep this from happening to you.

    When you are in a hotel room, people enter that room. It may be the maid cleaning, the staff restocking the bar, managers checking on quality. How often do you see a hotel room door standing open while the maid is cleaning a bathroom? It only takes a few seconds for a thief to step in and take visible valuables.

    Place all valuables in the hotel safe, either at the front desk or in the room safe. For times when no safe is available, use a diversion safe like a book safe. The book Safe is a real book with a compartment carved into the middle.

    There are a number of inexpensive and easy to carry products that will alarm or block an intruder from entering your room, even if they have a key. A few of them are reviewed below.

    The Door Stop Alarm is a product that can be placed at the bottom of the door. If the door is opened, the door is stopped from opening and a loud alarm sounds. Most of these alarms also have a movement sensor that sounds if the alarm is moved while it is turned on. If you want to stop staff from walking in on you silently, the alarm function can be turned off.

    The 130 db Personal Alarm with Door Alarm  is as loud as eight 100- decibel alarms. The door accessory of this alarm has a clip that is placed between the door and the door frame. The alarm box hangs on the door knob. If the protected door is opened, the clip falls away and activates the alarm.

    The Travel Guard Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is a Personal Alarm and can protect an area of a room by sensing motion with Passive Infrared (PIR) SENSOR that detects movement up to nine feet away.  When triggered, it emits a loud 15 second, 100dB blast making an impending criminal cower and run. Just slide the cover down exposing the infrared sensor and the off/auto switch. Turn the switch to auto, and the sensor will start detecting motion in 60 seconds.

    For more information on these products and more you can find them at our website page Personal Alarms.

    Have great fun and safe travels!



  • Travel Guard Mini Alarm Can Alert You To Intruders On The Road

    Mini Travel AlarmWe enjoy traveling and have stayed in a number of hotels and motels during our travel. One thing they all have in common is you are not the only one with a key to enter your room.

    Most entries to a motel room are by are by staff cleaning, replacing towles, checking the mini bar, etc.  The irretating part of this is that they come in your room while you are there. Sure they knock and announce, but unless your quick, they are often in the room and see whatever before they leave.   And if you are in the shower...

    You place a lot of trust in motel or hotel staff and we have had good experiences most of the time. There have been times, however when things have turned up missing with no explaination or we have been walked in on. Housekeeping, bell hops, managers, and even people that had been given our room by mistake have come in.

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm gives you more peace of mind while on the road in a motel, hotel, or dorm room. It can be placed to point at a door, for those times when your in the shower, an area up to nine feet away, or it can be placed in luggage to protect contents while stationary.

    Here is how it works:

    Slide open the cover to expose the alarm's Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor.

    Point the sensor at the door, area to protect, or from inside luggage to the cover. Turn the alarm switch to auto and protection will start in 60 seconds.

    If the alarm is triggered by someone walking into the room, through the protected area, or opens your luggage, the alarm will sound a 100db alarm for 15 seconds. At that point it resets and is ready to protect again.

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm also has a flashlight and panic alarm function, so you can carry it for protection while walking to your car, or anywhere else.

    We use our 5th wheel trailer to explore the United States, but were woundering how to secure our rig and property from intruders. These intruders include not only people, but animals, small and large. (To see what we mean about large animals check out our blogs about Black Bears).

    Travel trailers are like homes; Small rodents sometimes find their way into your storage and living areas. The 100db alarm is one way to scare them out. Just place the mini alarm in the storage compartment, or other dry area you want to protect.

    Mini Travel Alarm in Palm

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm easily fits in the palm of your hand. Get yours for better piece of mind today.

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