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Stun Guns

  • Non Lethal Weapons Are The Best Choice For Self Defense

    Smoking gunAfter a long law Enforcement career I have come to the decision that Non Lethal Weapons are the best choice for self defense and home protection.

    Things are not always what they seem to be. I have come across numerous situations where a lethal weapon, such as a firearm, has been detrimental instead of life saving.  I would like to share a few of these true stories with you.

    One involved a good friend of mine that was working at a open all night store and gas station. A place that we called "stop and rob" stores back then. As protection, my friend chose to take a snub nose 38 handgun to work with him.

    One night while he was attending the gas pumps, a man walked up to my friend with money in his hand to pay for just purchased fuel. Just as the man reached out to give my friend the money, he dropped it. As my friend reached down to pick it up, the man hit him over the head with a crow bar. My friend reached for his gun but could not take aim due to his injury. The man hit him again and took the gun from my friend. The man decided he wanted to keep the all the amunition in the gun and fled with some loot from the store. My friend ended up with a near fatal scull fracture and the man was later arrested and sent to prison.

    What could have worked better in this situation is OC Pepper Spray. The pepper spray could have been aimed and fired in a general direction of the attacker's face. The attacker would have been disoriented and blinded which may have saved my friend from the second blow of the crow bar.


    My second incident is about a parent living in a two story house. This parent's teenage daughter was asleep in a second story bedroom, a place that most people feel is safe from intruders from the outside.

    This parent could not sleep and was watching TV at 4 o'clock in the morning. He heard a noise on the roof of the house. It sounded like someone was walking up the roof. Knowing that there was an accessible window from that side of the roof, the parent went to his safe, opened it and loaded his single action Ruger 44 magnum. ( Clint Eastwood made the 44 magnum famous in the movie Dirty Harry  by declaring it the most powerful hand gun in the world). The parent took the gun upstairs and walked into his daughter's bedroom just as the intruder was making his way through her window.  The parent began to raise the gun to point it at the intruder and flinched, accidentally firing the cocked 44 magnum. The intruder was grazed in the head, knocking him out. He rolled off of the roof and landed in the home driveway.

    What at first looked like an averted attack, turned into an almost tragic incident instead. The intruder turned out to be a stepson that had gotten drunk and was attempting to sneek back into the house without waking a parent.

    What would have worked better here is a Taser. The Taser can shoot two darts that will stick to an attacker and shock for a period of thirty seconds, disrupting the ability of the attacker to control muscles. This can allow you to get family and yourself away and call for help. The Taser can also function as a stungun by pressing it against the attacker while delivering a shock.


    The third story is about a married couple where the husband worked the graveyard shift. The husband had purchased a handgun and had his wife promise to keep the handgun near her for protection.

    One night the husband became ill and went home sick. Not wanting to wake up his wife, the husband decided to sneek into the bedroom and slip into bed next to his wife. He was able to pull up the sheets before she shot him. Although not fatal, the marrage was not the same after that night.

    What would have worked better here would have been a Stun Master stun gun. A stun gun disrupts the muscle actions of an attacker and can cause confusion and muscle disfunction. This can allow you to get away and call for help.

    All three of these situations would have been better served by Non Leathal Weapons. They work as well in most situations and don't leave you in that life long dread of having taken a life, especially if it was by mistake.

    To learn more about non leathal products, visit us at www.ForSecuritySake.com




  • The Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun Video


    People that are looking for a stun gun for protection can find them in Internet stores like ForSecuritySake.com, but they really can't find them in many brick and mortar stores. What they really want, is to pick them up and see how they feel and work, so an informed decision can be made. It is hard to do that from one photograph and a small description of the product on most web sites.

    As an example: The photograph of the upgraded Stun Master multi function stun gun look huge. In reality it easily fits into any adult hand. (You will see this in the video below). 05-21-16: The upgraded model now has a better grip and louder siren 130 decibels.

    Since we really can't push one through your computer or phone screen, we are going to do the next best thing. We are going to make videos of our different product models and post them here on our blog.

    Our first video is for the Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. This model has an LED Flashlight for everyday use and has other functions for protection, such as a 110 dbs alarm ( Now upgraded to 130 dbs ), flashing red lights and the 4.5 million volt stun gun. A safety wrist rip cord attaches to the bottom of the stun gun and disarms it in the event it is ripped from your hand. A Nylon holster with a belt loop is also included, so it is easy to carry.

    In the following video, we give you a what if story where this stun gun can be used as an everyday flashlight and a situation where the stun gun could be needed for protection. The video is about 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

    If you like this video, we would invite your comment on it at the bottom of this page.

    After you view the video, we invite you to our web page for this stun gun by clicking on the following link Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun. You may need to click show all content to see the video if a message pops up with showing only secure content. There you will be able to study this product by seeing other photographs, product description, and you can review this video from there again.

    While on our web page, we invite you to join our family and friends by subscribing to our news letter at the bottom right of any of our web pages. We will send you email information on, new Videos we post, Product Stories, Scams, Stupid Crook Stories, and Discounts on our products. You will receive your first discount just by signing up. We never sell or share your information and all we ask you to give us to sign up is your email address.

    Enjoy the video and be safe out there.




  • Stun Gun Juggling on America's Got Tallent

    SM-MULTI_fStun Guns are one of the best self defense products currently on the market. They not only work well if you have to use them physically, but they have a fear factor by just sparking them defensively.

    In interviews with suspects known to attack for the purpose of rape or theft, some have indicated they had, or would walk away if they approached someone with an activated stun gun.

    I have seen different models in all kinds of TV shows, but never like I saw last week on America s Got Talent. Frank Miles on America s Got Tallent

    Frank Miles, a Juggler from San Fransisco California, walked out on a Los Angeles stage while talking to the audience about the worlds most dangerous and possibly deadly stunt he was about to do. Then he juggled three activated 500,000 volt Stun Guns that he had mounted on sticks. While he juggled, he made comments about how dangerous the stunt was like; "it is a scientific fact that if I grab two of these on the wrong end at the same time that would suck". To add to the effect, Frank stepped into a trough filled with water.

    The Judges and audience had terified looks on their faces and believed what Frank said. The Judges thought he would be dead if he droped the sparking objects in the water. They were so impressed that they sent him onto the next round.

    Frank knew exactly what he was doing and in my opinion was in no deadly or lasting phyiscal danger. Although it would hurt and possibly knock him off his feet if he grabbed the wrong end, the voltage of 500,000 volts was not dangerous without high amperage. These product's amperage is actually very low, so it will not cause any lasting harm to the person who receives a shock from it.

    What is really important is that the audience thought he was in real danger of great bodily harm or death. It is this belief that causes the fear factor of the product to work so well for self defense.

    When I demonstrate a stun gun product, I always go through the functions of the unit and how effective they can be.

    A one second contact to an attacker with the device will repel, startle and trigger muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms, a dazed condition and possibly a loss of balance. Three or more seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control, mental bewilderment and severe disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several minutes and effects may well last for up to fifteen minutes.

    After this explanation, I will hold the model I am showing and explain the contact ends, and spark test the unit. Everyone listening or watching the test will jump and move away.

    The same thing happens when an attacker sees and hears the spark of a stun gun. He/she knows that if they don't back off it is going to be like Frank said above.

    So keep your stun gun with you and at ready. If you are threatened, Show and spark it. Your assailant will think twice and it may be all the self defense you need to get away and get help.

  • Stun Master Stun Guns And Myths

    Stun Master Stun Baton Stun Master Stun Baton

    Pictured at the start of this article is the Stun Master Stun Baton. Stun Master Stun Guns is a trusted brand with a number of models to choose from. Models we carry have Voltages from 100 thousand to over 4.5 million volts.

    The stun gun is an excelent self defense product choice and lately it has been seen on television more than other self defense products.

    In 2010, Hollywood appears to have embraced stun guns. Recently stun guns and Taser like non lethal products have been seen on TV shows using them as props in their plots:

    Several episodes of The Cape had a female character using  a stun gun for self defense while she investigated bad guys.

    An Episode of Chuck had the a group of bad girls use a Lipstick type stun gun on Chuck

    Law and Order had a female character using a double shot Taser type prop.

    An episode of CSI had two different Stun Guns types suspected in controlling women pretending to be cats.

    In a Hawaii Five-O episode, Ninja fighters use a stun gun prop to knock out Steve McGarrett while they were stealing his father's tool box.

    The important thing to remember in these shows is that they are fiction. While the stories in some shows may be based from real life, the effects are sometimes greatly exaggerated to enhance the experience for the audience.

    Watching these shows can give a stun gun user a false idea on how these self defense products work.

    Which leads us into stun gun myths:

    Myth: On TV, you may see a scene where an attacker is knocked unconscious by touching him with a stun gun. The story may continue when after the person shocked has been tied up and moved, he/she regains consciousness.

    In real life, the Stun Gun will put down an attacker when used correctly, but will not knock them unconscious. A one second contact to an attacker with the device will repel, startle and trigger muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed condition. Three or more seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control, mental bewilderment and severe disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several minutes and effects may well last for up to fifteen minutes.

    A stun gun works by electrically overwhelming an attacker's control of the skeletal  muscles. The pulses generated by stun guns are designed to incapacitate the person by electrically overwhelming his or her control of the skeletal  muscles.  A three to five second shock can incapacitate an attacker so you can get away and get help.

    Myth: You can cause a heart attack when you use a Stun Gun on an attacker.

    In real life researchers have said "stun gun pulses are designed to act only on skeletal muscles and to not affect internal organs such as the heart."

    Keeping in mind that depending on the heart health of a person and drug use, just the stimulation of a struggle can cause a heart attack or death. Stun guns cannot deliver the amount of energy required to stimulate the heart.

    Myth: You must touch the skin for a stun gun to work and you can shock yourself if you are touching an attacker while using a Stun Gun.

    In real life, stun gun electric pulses can travel through an inch or so of clothing as long as the stun gun leads are pressed against the attacker. The electrical pulses will not transfer through a body back to you.

    Myth: Stun guns will kill a person because of  the high voltage that they use.

    In real life stun guns are designed to use voltages up to 4,500,000 volts and will travel through an inch or more of clothing. The voltage is not what needs to be considered when thinking of death caused by electricity. High amperage is what can cause death and stun guns use only a small amount of milli-amps.

    Myth: Stun Guns are hard to use.

    In real life you don't need much training to use a stun gun. Most stun guns have a safety lock so it can't be accidently activated in your purse or other storage container. Deactivating the safety lock renders the product ready for use.  A simple push and hold of a button activates the stun gun. Practice activating the stun gun and you will be ready as adrenalin kicks in if you are attacked. Remember to hold the stun gun against the attacker for three to five seconds to disorient, confuse and knock him/her down. Have the stun gun ready and with you at all times when in a situation of any risk, and check the battery charge often.

    Myth: Stun Guns are illegal.

    In real life most states, counties, and cities allow stun guns. Refer to our Stun Gun Laws Tab above and contact your local area laws before you purchase a stun gun.

    After writing this article, an episode of NCIS LA aired showing SAM using a stun gun on a bar manager/bouncer attacking him. Sam held contact against the bouncer for several seconds, which knocked the bouncer to the floor. Afterward the bouncer got up, but was dazed and hurt. It looks like this show got it right.

    Now that you have information on stun guns, you can check our models to see which is best for you.

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