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  • The Fur Ball Buzzer For Fashionable Personal Alarm Protection Of Children And Women

    Our Fur Ball Buzzer gives you a fashionable furry personal alarm protection for children and women.

    One of my greatest joys of growing older is the time we can spend with our grandchildren. Our bunch of eight keeps us hopping to functions, including school, sports, and cheer.

    One day I was noticing that one of my granddaughters had a Colorful soft fur ball attached to her backpack that she had next to her. She kept holding the ball in her hand and I asked about it. She really likes the softness, the fashion statement, and it makes it easy her to find the main backpack zipper for quick access. It is the sought-after thing now for children and adult women.

    These fun accessories can be seen at schools on folders; backpacks; instrument cases; and roller bags; on the wrist at parties; dances; game gatherings and walking, on shopping bags; purses; key rings; and cell phone cases while doing errands.

    Our Fur Ball Buzzer adds the safety and security of a personal alarm. They come in Pink, Purple, and White, allowing you to mix and match colors by buying all three. They can be worn around the wrist, attached to carry-on luggage; purses; computer cases; backpacks; bags; and other items that will give a fashion statement while also giving you that protection of the personal alarm.

    (Bag Not Included)

    If a threat happens, just pull the out the pin to activate a 100db alarm and to silence, put the pin back in the alarm slot.

    The Fur Ball Buzzer runs on three included and replaceable 1. 5-volt LR44/RG13 button cell batteries.

    For more information about and to purchase these fun accessories, click here.

    How will you use yours?

    Questions or comments: Leave us a comment on this article post, or email us at Questions@ForSecuritySake.com

  • Safer Shopping On The Internet Tips

    Every year more and more people are using the internet to do their shopping. It is a convenient way to shop without the hassle of driving to stores, finding a place to park, and put up with crowds.

    In years past, you had to worry about your cash or check book being stolen. Now with debit and credit cards becoming the usual way to pay, there is a security risk no matter where you shop. The internet, stores, and even banks are being hacked by criminals who are stealing identities and recently even money from people’s accounts.

    Since we are an internet only shop, I thought I would share some tips to make your internet shopping experience safer and more secure.

    There are numerous internet web sites opening every day and there are some simple clues to help you tell which sites are safer to shop on, old or new.

    If you are shopping on a desktop, or Laptop computer using a browser:

    There are a number of browsers you can use and each may show the following information a little different.  Here are a few that I use.

    The below screen shot is from our website on Internet Explorer 11:


    If you have your browser at full screen, you will see the complete website address. There are clues here to help tell you if you are on a safe site for shopping. Each time you go to a different page, even the same site, this address information will change.

    The first is “http://“ vs “https://” in the address bar at the top. http:// does not mean the site is unsafe to be on to read, but if you are going to enter information on a page, look for https://. It means that this page is encrypted. This makes it harder for someone to see the information as it travels across the internet. Unencrypted pages will show http:// and can be read by anyone that knows how to intercept traffic over the internet. So pay close attention if you are on a webpage that askes for personal information of any kind, including payment. The information is  encrypted if you see the https://.

    The second clue is the padlock on the right of the address bar. This shows that the site information is encrypted by a 3rd party certificate provider that certifies the site. You can click on this for information.

    The third clue is the safety dropdown list at the bottom of the screen shot. You can go into this tab for security information about the site.

    In this case there is a forth. We own Norton Internet Security and it shows on a bar in the screen shot. Norton has also certified this site as safe, as you can see in the middle of the screen shot. This requires website owners to verify their site before Norton will show it safe. We are not trying to sell this program, but since it shows on the screen shot, I thought I would explain it.

    The below screen shot is from the Fire Fox Browser:


    This browser shows the https:// and the lock at the left of the address bar.

    The below screen shot is from Google Chrome Browser:


    This browser shows the https:// and the lock at the left of the address bar. You should notice that I have gone to another page on the website; in this case home-protection.html. This part of the site address will change for each page you go to. On our site https:// is still on the address bar. This is not the case on all sites that have https:// on the main page. To keep your information safer, never give information on any page that shows http://; look for that s.

    If you are shopping on Android mobile with an internet browser:

    You should still see the https:// in the address bar and the Padlock should be there too. You just might not be able to click into the security information.

    If you are shopping on IPad, or IPhone mobile with an internet browser:

    You should still at least see the Padlock and at times the https:// in the address bar. You just might not be able to click into the security information.

    If you are using an app to shop:

    I can’t address that here other than to warn you that there are hundreds of new shopping apps being added weekly, some of which are fake and could steal your information. If you want to use an app for shopping, get your app from a reputable app store to be safer.

    Our mission here at www.ForSecuritySake.com is to help you be safer and more secure in your daily lives through products and information.

    Be Safe Out There!


    If you're reading this, chances are that you have at least one email account(s) and with those email account(s) comes spam and scams. But how do you know if the email you receive Is a scam?

    First of all, any time you get an email like this, don't open it if it looks fake. If you do open it, never click on a link or photo in the email. Always go out and contact your bank, or website account from their website. How do you know if it might be fake? Read below.

    Lets use an example that I received in August of 2015:

    This is one stupid crook example of a scam designed to get you to enter account information about a Chase Bank account.

    Here is a copy of the email as it shows up in many email readers. This one happens to be AOL.com (which has a really good spam filter), but it got through anyway; more on that later. Although this example is from AOL, it can be sent to any email account.

    Here is a screen shot of the email example as it shows up on a windows machine (I know I said don't do this, but click on the email image to see it larger) :

    Scams like this are designed to make your heart race a little and question what the heck could be wrong with the account? The scammer relies on the honest person to immediately want to correct the problem. But if you have experience at receiving these emails, you should know to take a moment to calm down and then you notice things about it.

    The first thing to look for is where it is from? If it isn't from the bank, which it should be, treat it as a scam. In this case it shows that it is from the "Update Team". But there is a "show details" button that you can click on to show the email address of the sender. This one shows it is from "Update Team ...ear30@gmail.com". That email address has nothing to do with Chase Bank and what does the update team have to do with an account review? Smarter scammers will use a sender name similar to the bank website address.  There could be an added "." to the bank (or other website name), or even a misspelled bank name. Study the from address for a few moments. If it is close to the real thing, you may not catch it with a quick look.

    Now for the way this got by the spam filter and what made this sender a stupid crook:

    Scam Email with random words

    Above is a screen shot of the email as it shows on an Android email reader (Click on the email image to see it larger - if you feel lucky that this article is not a scam). Some extra reading can be seen, because the Android email reader does not use windows coding.

    At the beginning of the email is a header of random words. This is designed to make the email look legitimate and get past scam filters (Not shown in the screen shot is the bottom of the email that has more random text). This is coded in a way that windows email readers will not show the text, but the spam filter will see it.

    This reader also shows the sender address without having to open anything.

    There you have it.

    This was just one stupid crook example of thousands of all kinds of different scams out there. Sign up for the www.ForSecuritySake.com newsletter at the bottom of any page and we will write about scams and other safety and security stories as we come across them.

    Be Safe Out There.








  • Welcome to For Security Sake’s New Mobile Friendly Website

    We listened and we know that many of you browse the internet with smaller tablet and smart phones. As a result of what you told us we have upgraded ForSecuritySake.com for ease of use on any size browser screen.  Full size down to smart phone size is now available to give you an optimal viewing experience throughout our site without the need for a separate app.

    It is called a responsive website.  All you need to do is go to www.forsecuritySake.com on any size browser and the screen will automatically adjust for you. You will still have the features of the full size website, but in an easy to read and use mobile format.  Full size site features because it is the same website, rather than sending you to second site designed for mobile use.

    We have a few screen shots below:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen
    Flipped Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 screen Flipped Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 screen

    As an example of how the screens work, you will notice on a full size computer screen, the Catagories of our products are to the left side.  On a smaller screen, such as the HTC one shown here, the catagories are now on a clickable tab. It is easy to scroll down the page with just a finger swipe.


    HTC one home page HTC one home page
    HTC One Product Page HTC One Product Page


    Scroll down Product Page Scroll down Product Page

    We have tested on IPhone; HTC One; Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1; and other Android brands.

    As a second upgrade, we now have RSS feeds. We are adding new products, so please remember to subscribe to our RSS feeds, sign up for our newsletter, and bookmark our website for easy return.

    Enjoy browsing through our updated site and let us know what you think.



  • Tazer (Taser®) Products Will Help Protect You And Your Family

    Updated 05-20-16

    There is violence news in the headlines every day now. One that stands out, is about a young woman newly widowed and facing the challenge of having to take care of her baby as a single mother.

    A short time after her husband's funeral, the woman received a knock at her door. She was confronted with a young man that tried to talk his way into her home. She refused and he left.

    Later the man came back again with a friend and started to force their way into the woman's home. She retreated to a bedroom where she blockaded the door, obtained two weapons- one of which was a shotgun-, and called law enforcement for help.

    The dispatch tape of this call has been released and you can hear the woman ask the dispatcher if she could shoot the men if they entered her bedroom. The dispatcher told her that she could not give permission, but that she needed to do what ever was needed to protect her baby.

    The men reportedly forcibly entered the bedroom with a knife and one of them was killed when the women used the shotgun. The second suspect ran away.

    The way this was reported shows that the woman thought about her family's safety first and she was able to protect her baby and herself successfully. If she didn't have her weapons, or if she hadn't  known how to use them, this situation would have had a very different ending.

    Are you ready for a similar thing if it were to happen to you? If you prefer not to use, or don't have a firearm, do you have a non-lethal Taser, Pepper Spray, or a Stun gun? The time to prepare is now. The above type of incident can happen to anyone anywhere.

    Non-Lethal weapons can be a better choice than a lethal firearm, because you won't hesitate to use them. Although the experience is tramatic to begin with, adding the burden that you took a life stays with you forever.  A non- lethal product will cause pain, or temporally incapacitate an attacker while you get safely away.

    Personally, I prefer to carry a  Taser, or Stun Gun and Pepper Spray wherever my family goes. Lets compare each of these non lethal weapons.


    Taser, sometimes misspelled Tazer, products will help protect you and your family. Specifically designed for the general public, the Taser C2, or the new Taser Bolt work similar to and can work as a stun gun, but has darts that shoot out to the attacker.  Wires from the darts connected to the Taser body allow a 30 second burst of electrical pulses that shock the recipient of the darts with 50,000 volts.  The Taser is designed for you to drop the Taser while the attacker is unable to control his muscles for 30 seconds, giving you time to get away and get help.  You can get more information and watch our Taser Videos by clicking on this link. If you get the message only secure content is shown, you will have to click on show all content to see the videos.

    Pepper Spray is inexpensive, easy to carry in a car, pocket, or purse, and is effective. Sprayed in the face of an attacker pepper spray will cause a burning sensation and cause the attacker to be confused and unable to focus.

    A Stun Gun is inexpensive, easy to carry in a car, belt holster, pocket, or purse. Holding an activated stun gun against an attacker can cause pain, muscle dysfunction, and disorientation.

    You can learn more and purchase these products at https://www.ForSecuritySake.com

    Be ready! Protect your family and yourself.




  • An Old Lake Tahoe Casino Idea Worked Better Than A Diversion Safe?

    Updated March 15, 2012.

    I believe that diversion safes are one of the best ways to protect small valuables, jewelry, and money. Diversion safes, also referred to as concealment devices are safes made of, or made to look like common household items for the purpose of concealing valuables. The whole idea is to keep important things that may draw the attention of a thief in the most regular of items and in places where they would least expect.

    I think I have found a one time situation that worked better than a diversion safe could.

    I was a young police cadet 42 years ago, but I remember this true story like it was yesterday, because while my parents vacationed in South Lake Tahoe, Barney's Casino Teen Center is where I stayed.

    It happened in 1968, near Zepher Cove, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Richard Chartrand, owner of Barney's Casino at State Line South Lake Tahoe, was killed while backing out of his home driveway.

    The professional style car bomb that exploded, killing him, sent the Douglas County Sheriff's Department into a deep investigation that is still ongoing. They still have all of the evidence from the crime scene, including the car.

    I remember information coming through our police department, causing rumors that this was a mob hit, because of missing money.

    The building that housed Barney's Casino back then, has been owned by several people since and it wasn't until this week that construction crews found a hidden 4 foot safe under a stairway, completely sealed off by metal studs and Sheetrock.

    KCRA TV in Sacramento, California, reports that the current owner of the building, Mike Laub, was remodeling when demolition crews found the safe. Prior owners have been contacted and none had knowledge that the safe was there all those years.

    Since the safe's discovery, people have been offering  large sums of money for the safe as is. Others have tried to break into the facility where it is stored. Lock smiths have offered to crack the safe, but the safe has yet to be opened.

    Since no owner of the building admits to knowledge of the safe, investigators think it might have belonged to murder victim Richard Chartrand.

    So on September 5th, or 6th, 2011, Google Plus reportedly wants to live stream the opening of the safe, and the Oprah Network producers will be filming it for a show called Found. The Oprah Network also will supply the lock smiths.

    Is the Major brand safe a big find or was this a convenient way to dispose of it.

    We will update you as soon as we know.

    See the KCRA 3 report.


    Now for the update March 15 2012:

    A Lake Tahoe Local produced a YOUTUBE entry by FabulosLakeTahoe at http://www.tahoenetworktv.com/. He interviewed a former casino bus driver that claims he is probably the last person to be in the safe. The safe was discovered behind a sealed wall at the former Barney's Casino during new construction. The former driver said that he removed bags of old casino chips from the safe and took them to the former owner before the safe was walled in by new owners. You can see the YouTube entry below.



  • West Tennessee Home Invasion Kidnapping Updated

    Home Invasion Victim Holly-Bobo Home Invasion Victim Holly-Bobo

    * Updated 04-19-2011

    ** Updated 09-15-2014

    According to Nashville's CBS-TV affiliate WTVF NewsChannel5, the cousin of  country singer Whitney Duncan, was dragged from a carport, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It happened around 7:30 am, on Wednesday (April 13).

    The victim's brother witnessed a man dressed in camouflage, drag victim Holly Bobo from a carport to a wooded area near by.

    Holly was preparing to leave from her home in Darden, Tennessee, for a nursing class at the University of Tennessee Martin.

    Last night, Whitney made requests for prayers for Holly's safety on her Facebook page and Twitter account. There are so many posts, that friends have requested that posts be limited and not about faults of the media and people involved.

    Holly is 20 years old, 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.

    * The look for Holly is still ongoing and other than her lunchbox, investigators are not releasing much information about evidence located in the woods. Reports of blood stains located in the carport are being tested and nobody has been eliminated as a suspect.  A reward for Holly has reached $75,000.

    Investigators have asked, if you see Holly or anything suspicious to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.


    ** On September 8th, 2014, investigators confirmed that a Human skull located by two men near the last known home of Holly Bobo, was identified as her.  The remains were found Decatur County town of Parsons, Tennessee.

    Jason Autry has been arrested for Kidnapping and Murder.

    Two Brothers; Mark Pearcy and Jeffrey Kurt Pearcy have been arrested for tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact.

    All three arrestees have pled not guilty for the alleged crimes.

    See more here.



  • Travel Guard Mini Alarm Can Alert You To Intruders On The Road

    Mini Travel AlarmWe enjoy traveling and have stayed in a number of hotels and motels during our travel. One thing they all have in common is you are not the only one with a key to enter your room.

    Most entries to a motel room are by are by staff cleaning, replacing towles, checking the mini bar, etc.  The irretating part of this is that they come in your room while you are there. Sure they knock and announce, but unless your quick, they are often in the room and see whatever before they leave.   And if you are in the shower...

    You place a lot of trust in motel or hotel staff and we have had good experiences most of the time. There have been times, however when things have turned up missing with no explaination or we have been walked in on. Housekeeping, bell hops, managers, and even people that had been given our room by mistake have come in.

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm gives you more peace of mind while on the road in a motel, hotel, or dorm room. It can be placed to point at a door, for those times when your in the shower, an area up to nine feet away, or it can be placed in luggage to protect contents while stationary.

    Here is how it works:

    Slide open the cover to expose the alarm's Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor.

    Point the sensor at the door, area to protect, or from inside luggage to the cover. Turn the alarm switch to auto and protection will start in 60 seconds.

    If the alarm is triggered by someone walking into the room, through the protected area, or opens your luggage, the alarm will sound a 100db alarm for 15 seconds. At that point it resets and is ready to protect again.

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm also has a flashlight and panic alarm function, so you can carry it for protection while walking to your car, or anywhere else.

    We use our 5th wheel trailer to explore the United States, but were woundering how to secure our rig and property from intruders. These intruders include not only people, but animals, small and large. (To see what we mean about large animals check out our blogs about Black Bears).

    Travel trailers are like homes; Small rodents sometimes find their way into your storage and living areas. The 100db alarm is one way to scare them out. Just place the mini alarm in the storage compartment, or other dry area you want to protect.

    Mini Travel Alarm in Palm

    The Travel Guard Mini Alarm easily fits in the palm of your hand. Get yours for better piece of mind today.

  • Buy Gel Pepper Spray For Personal Protection

     Like many of you, I watched and read the news about the tragedy that unfolded at a Town Hall type meeting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a Safeway store parking lot in Arizona. 21 year old Jared Loughner was among a crowd of people and allegedly opened up with a Glock 9mm handgun with a 30 round clip. Reports are that he randomly chose victims and the result was between 18 and 20 people wounded.

     Six people were killed, including a 9 year old girl, who was at the store parking lot to meet her representative- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

     I was surprised that that there was little or no real personal security protection for Giffords at the event. Apparently neither Giffords nor her staff carried any type of personal protection for security sake.

     There is a lot of history regarding violence toward elected officials. Even Congresswoman Giffords expressed concern to her husband  that this very type of incident could happen. Then why no security? 

     Witnesses and surviving victims to this tragedy seamed to have one thing in common: They felt helpless when the shots were fired and the only thing they could do is duck down with the hope that he wouldn’t shoot them.

    There was one exception interview of a witness that could have made the situation worse. The witness said he came walking up, realized what was happening, and began to pull out his own handgun. He decided against taking action because the suspect had already been forced down to the ground. What if he had arrived earlier and had pulled his gun to shoot at suspect- Jared Loughner?

    More people could have been injured because of stray bullets and depending on the ammunition type used, even accurate shots could have traveled through several people before the bullet energy was expended.

    What about non-lethal products such as gel pepper spray? In this case the meeting was in a public parking lot. If anyone standing within eight feet of Jared Loughner had carried gel pepper spray for personal protection, they could have sprayed him in the face. Gel pepper spray would have left him temporarily blind, immobile, in pain, and covered in dye for easy identification. This could have resulted in a lesser number of killed and/or wounded.

    Instead Jared Loughner was able to empty a 30 round clip of amunition. It was then that several heroic people reportedly took Loughner to the ground before he could reload.

    Of course these observations are reactive to an incident that has already happened, but what is wrong with being proactive?

    As a result of this incident, other people in politics have vowed to carry firearms to similar Town Hall type events. In my opinion this won’t help in any way. It takes about 2 seconds to react to an incident. Who is usually the first target? The politician.

    For security sake, trained protection security should be at these events and only they should carry firearms. They will have practice and know how to react in any given situation.

    I don’t understand why there isn’t adequate security at these events, but if trained government agents, or security is not going to be used in a given event, why not issue gel pepper spray to trained staff. It could save injuries and lives.  

    The general public may be restricted from carrying certain protection to meetings with government officials, but gun incidents where people are shot and killed happen every day. It just doesn’t happen to politicians often, so normally only local media  covers these events. Gel pepper spray for personal protection could save you from harm and might even save your life. When are you going buy yours for security sake?

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