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Complete HD Surveillance Systems

Complete high definition 24 hour surveillance recording systems

 Complete Professional High Definition Surveillance Systems




Movies and television shows have falsely led many of us to believe that any poor video can be magically enhanced to provide readable pictures from a grain filled blurry pixilated recording. The truth is that you can't upgrade video that isn't there. It is very important to not just see, but to be able to identify cars, people, and other objects in original recorded surveillance video. We have upgraded our systems from Analog to professional High Definition (HD) that capture and record up to 1080P. These Weatherproof camera systems can help view live and record the best 24 hour a day evidence video at an affordable price.

So what is the difference between Analog and HD systems?  Think of the picture quality like switching out your old tube television set to the newer flat screen in full 1080P resolution.  Now, with good camera placement, you can see cars including; license plates; facial features; hair*color; styles; and lettering on hats, shirts, and other identifiable clothing, day or night.

*Night vision is also very important and our system’s cameras automatically switch from daytime color mode to black and white. Even in complete darkness our systems capture the best possible nighttime video using built in long range Infrared lighting technology.

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