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        CRIME CLOCK 2013-2014

(Updated 03/31/17. See below) The FBI Crime Clock is a list of part 1 crimes reported to police departments across the USA. All police departments in the country send these statistical lists to the FBI. The lists represent the annual ratio of reported crime to fixed time intervals and should not be taken to imply regularity in the commission of crime. This statistics list is the result for 2013 and 2014.  To see the 2014 and 2015 Crime Clock Statistics, click here.

2013 Crime Clock Statistics                                                                    2014 Crime Clock Statistics

A Violent Crime occurred every         27.1 seconds                     26.3 seconds

One Murder every                                37.0 minutes                      36.9 minutes

One Rape every                                     6.6 minutes                        4.5 minutes

One Robbery every                               1.5 minutes                        1.6 minutes

One Aggravated Assault every            43.5 seconds                     42.5 seconds           


A Property Crime occurred every        3.7 seconds                          3.8 seconds

One Burglary every                              16.4 seconds                       18.2 seconds

One Larceny-Theft every                      5.3 seconds                          5.4 seconds

One Motor Vehicle Theft every          45.1 seconds                        45.7 seconds

To see the 2013 FBI Crime Clock on their Web Site click here.

To see the 2014 FBI Crime Clock on their Web Site click here.


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