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Electronic Barking Dog Alarms

The Electronic Barking Watch Dog Alarms below are the best way to protect your home or business when the work and time involved caring for a large real dog is not practical. The electronic version acts, detects, and sounds just like a real large dog by using a Microwave Radar Sensor that can see through walls, wood doors, glass, and more 24hrs a day. But these alarms do it without having to be fed, walked or releived. And with the electronic version, they can be adjusted, fine tuned, and with the included remote control be quieted by simply disarming the main unit.  The main units also have a panic feature; by using the included remote control panic button, a siren alarm is just a button push away.

Just like a microwave oven, microwave radar sensors cannot see through metal. When there are metal objects in the way, or you want to protect other areas of a building, these alarm models will accept three types of aditional sensors and extra remote controls (shown below). Up to 16 total sensors and extra remote controls can be mixed and matched one at a time to each barking dog alarm main unit.

Although there are other barking dog alarms on the market, only the HomeSafe 639SR, StreetWise SWEWD and SafeFamilyLife EWD-1 Barking Dog Alarms are known to have this kind of professional expandable system.   Click You can learn more about these alarms here.

The below 5 minute video describes Add On Sensors and Remote Controls that are available to expand the barking dog alarms below. There is also a real world demo of how the adjustable indoor/outdoor sensor can be used. If you are using Internet Explorer and the video won't play, please try using the Chrome browser.

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