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Wireless Outdoor Siren & Flashing Light Alarm With Optional Add On Remote Controls And Sensors Bundle

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Availability: In stock

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Purchase the Simple to use HomeSafe Outdoor Wireless Siren and Flashing Light with Remote Control and choose optional Extra Remote Control(s) and add on Sensor(s)

Start with the required outdoor siren with remote control. To expand the useability of the siren main unit, you can add extra remote control(s) and sensor(s). 

SKU: Ha-Siren_Optional Bundle

Wireless OutDoor Siren Flashing Light and Remote Control   +$52.95

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Price as configured: $0.00

  • Detailed Description

    This special bundle requires one Wireless Outdoor Siren and Flashing Light Alarm main unit with one included remote control. The remote control lets you set off a Panic siren alarm. When at least one optional sensor is added to the order, the system will work as a burglar alarm. and the remote will Arm, Disarm and Panic alarm the siren.

    Choose all available sensors and extra remote controls from this listing and free yourself from having to go to each sensor listing separately. And any order total over $100 receives free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.

    Once you match your chosen add on products to the main siren unit, this configuration allows you to expand protection from one to multiple areas of the home or business.  Up to 8 Remote Controls and/or sensors can be added to each Siren main unit.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Siren is the alarm controler. The included remote control, and all optional products need to be matched to the siren with a simple one time proceedure before they will work with the siren.

    When your product(s) ships we will send you an email with a link to enhanced setup instructions with photos. Please Whitelist ZebPet Enterprise and ForSecuritySake in your email program. The below 5 minute video is designed to go with our barking dog alarm, however the video was made to explain the optional sensors and remotes that also work with the Siren unit.

    Below are descriptions of the individual products. 

    This bundle includes One required Wireless Outdoor Siren Unit and one remote control ; a $52.95 value. This main unit includes one AC to DC adaptor, and instruction booklet. 

    How System Works:

    The Siren:

    The HomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren has a high output alarm. It has 3 alarm functions; siren + signal light, signal light only, and siren only There is a delay timer 0-10s that can be used when the siren is setup with an optional sensor and is used for an alarm siren. The siren has an automatic shut off. When triggered by the remote control, or optional add on sensor(s), it will sound for 90 seconds and reset. It will continue this cycle until the cause of the trigger stops. When used as a burglar alarm and "ARM" is pressed on the remote, the siren will take about a minute to finish arming, allowing you to get out of the detection area. 

    The siren comes with a USA 2 prong switching 120-240 volt AC to 6 Volt DC power adaptor and uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) as a backup power source.

    The Optional Extra Remote Control(s) have the same functions as the original included remote control; ARM, DISARM and PANIC.

    You can add optional HomeSafe Remote Controls and Indoor/Outdoor Sensor(s); a $15.50 to $26.95 value EACH

    How the sensors work:

    The optional motion sensors can be placed inside/outside where they will detect motion and send a trigger signal.

    The non-adjustable indoor motion sensor(s): can detect motion from up to 8 meters away and has 110 degree motion detection angle. It has a wireless radio frequency range of up to 300 feet. When triggered the RF signal activates the alarm. Uses one 9-volt battery (not included).

    The adjustable outdoor motion sensor(s): is adjustable from about 10' up to about 32' away (10 meters). It also has an adjustable motion detection angle from 0 to 150 degrees. It has a wireless trigger radio frequency range of up to 300 feet unobstructed from the main unit. When triggered the RF signal activates the Siren Alarm. The Sensor runs on (long lasting) batteries (3 AA not included) and a Mounting Bracket.

    The door/window vibration sensor(s):is a double sensor that detects either vibration (such as pounding on a door) and / or when your protected door/window has been opened - triggered via Magnetic Contact. It has a wireless radio frequency (RF) range of 300 feet. When triggered the RF signal activates the Siren Alarm System. It uses one 9-volt battery (not included) and Includes low battery LED indicator.

    The remote and sensors also work with our HomeSafe Alarm System and Barking Dog Alarm. 

     Protect your home or office with the HomeSafe SafeFamily Life Electronic Siren Alarm and/or Barking Dog Alarm System(s).


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